Gov Ayade and his scientification of budgets

Cross River governor Ben Ayade

When Professor Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade emerged as the Governor of Cross River state in 2015 Cross Riverians thought that having a licensed researcher (professor) as their chief security officer could easily take them to the promised land until he started his exasperatedly nonsensical scientification of the state’s budgets.

Let me pretend as if I was unaware of the N350 billion budget of 2016 Governor Ayade proposed. In 2017, Ayade had N301 billion budget of “Infinite Transposition” which was apparently not achievable.

Whenever Ayade proposes his ridiculously scientific budget of huge amount of money I always ask myself if this guy can fund this budget or he is just playing to the gallery. 
Well, despite Ayade’s failure to fully implement the 2017 budget he still came up with N1.3 trillion budget of “Kinetic Crystalization” in 2018, the highest ever by any Nigerian state. It is still sickening to know that the Cross River State House of Assembly didn’t furiously reject this unrealised budget but exuberantly accepted

Ayade didn’t relent in his effort of tormenting Cross Riverians with his egregious scientification of the budget. In 2019, he proposed N1.043 trillion budget of “Qabalistic Densification” which was unachievable. 
Yet in 2020, Ayade presented N1.1 trillion budget of “Olimpotic Meristemasis” which later became an imagination.
Thank God we are still in 2021, Ayade signed into law N277.7 billion budget of “Blush and Bliss”; are Cross Riverians “Blissful” now? The answer is NO! Because despite this zany budget scientification Cross River state civil servants have been in a daze! 

In September this year, Cross River local government workers protested many months unpaid salary. Similarly, on October 12, 2021, Cross River state civil servants embarked on indefinite strike over non-implementation of minimum wage, non-payment of gratuity and inability to implement promotion of workers (the workers are still on strike!). 

Despite these artificial problems, Governor Ayade on Friday, October 29, 2021, presented the 2022 comically scientific budget of “Conjugated Aggulutination!”. I’m now cajoled into asking ‘what will Ayade tag the 2023 budget?’ It will be another tedious scientification! 
Cross Riverians are certainly in disarray under the leadership of Professor Ayade, a licensed researcher. 
Malam Musbahu Muhammad, Bauchi, Bauchi state, Nigeria [email protected]