Gov Bala and political gladiators

It’s obvious that whenever a government is increasingly becoming intolerant of selfish interests of unpatriotic individuals who do not mean well for the people, this particular government is bound to be subjectively crucified by naysayers, arbitrarily attacked by predators who feel offended, whenever any policy and/or programme is initiated in the best interest of the poor masses, because their optimum concern is their personal interest. 
These unpatriotic people indulge in, and are engrossed in corruption, nepotism, egotism and all sort of abominable acts to the detriment of the poor masses. They, therefore, develop sheer envy, needless jealousy, hatred and acrimony against anybody who intends to bring changes for the betterment of the citizens. They become obstacle at the threshold of everything success and their devilish intention triggers them to go to every extent to ensure that every government that has the masses at heart, is put to disgrace by mischievously fabricating and peddling preposterous lies. This balderdash is becoming unbecoming in Nigeria, today!
Despite the fact that the Bauchi state Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed, since coming into power, has been on the right track, heading to the right direction; he has been and is still a victim to this terrible experience, as such people without conscience, people without proper cognitive ability, put pressure on him, out of ill will, to make his flesh creep to succumb to failure and to derail his administration from heading to the promised land. While this is horridly compounded and deeply disgusting, it’s, however, arching, stunning and surprising that an ugly situation like this, is winking its uncomely head in Bauchi state after having a workaholic leader like Governor Bala whom the good citizens of the State have been aspiring and yearning for, the type of leader whom the citizens of the state have been dreaming about. 

These rainstorm of attacks and conspiracy to hit the governor on the ground started, since he was contesting for the seat; these political gladiators assassinated his character to tarnish his image, they invented his privacy and they orchestrated all sorts of ploy to damage his reputation. These people failed to appreciate his track record that are still clear and uncommon accomplishment as the FCT minister that continues to speak volume. They went to the extent of conniving with the immediate sacked EFCC boss to paint the governor black in order to deny him the right to join the 2019 governorship race. All these ungodly plans proved abortive as Senator Bala Mohammed scaled and finally became the executive governor of Bauchi state.
With his emergence as the governor of Bauchi whose major concern is to bring the state to limelight, as he was and is still adamant in his ideology of putting public interest first; this did not go down well with those unpatriotic politicians, as they began to pursue their perpetually uncompromising interest against the public interest. They began to request for slots without due process, contracts under dubious circumstance, and they began to ask for opportunities to have affluence over night. Governor Bala’s only crime against those people is that he refused to allow them to inflict their cruelty on the resources of the state. For that reason, some of these predators, such as Yakubu Dogara have started to take their way to where they know is convenient for them to unleash their unpatriotic acts. And, surprisingly, they are now distastefully condescending, claiming to be behind the success of Governor Bala Mohammed. 

There is no doubt they contributed to his success, but my bewilderment with respect to this is, should nepotism, corruption and mismanagement of public fund be a reward to their contribution? I’m happy that the governor is conscientious to have always remained steadfast in his determination to discharge his responsibility in accordance with the provisions of law, even at the risk of defection. This is why the defection of the former Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, in the last two weeks did not rattle the governor. The honourable and his like who happened to be among the political elite mounting pressure on the governor allow them to do and undo, became estranged from the governor mainly because they could not have what they wanted. They were quoted in many occasions as saying ” we are not given slots, we are not involved in awarded contracts despite our contributions to the success of this administration.” This alone spells how their selfish and personal interest overshadowed the public interest in their hearts.Former US President, Abraham Lincoln, was quoted as saying “with public sentiment nothing can fail, without it nothing can succeed.” He further says “he who moulds public sentiment goes deeper than he who executes status or pronounces decision. Governor Bala Mohammed is acting in the best interest of the public and in conformity with the law, no amount of subjective criticism or conspiracy targeted against him can relent his efforts. Dear political gladiators, just like the former Bauchi state Governor, Isah Yuguda, the immediate sacked EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu, and the likes did all they could to ensure that Senator Bala did not come into power as the governor of Bauchi state and they eventually failed, so also you shall fail.

Dear Governor Bala, life is to you a journey of privilege as you have always served humanity. You are the most illustrious son of Bauchi state, being the only former senator, former minister and a serving governor. This means a pay-off of your tireless efforts, untainted and unblemished record. Stay firm on your principle of putting public interest first; you are on the right track heading to the right direction and if you maintain the speed, you will certainly have a successful government eventually. Sky will not be your limit even the orbit is limitless.
Maijama’a writes from the Faculty of Communication, Bayero University, Kano via[email protected]

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