Gov M. A.Abubakar: Changing the old ways

Governor Mohammad Abdullahi Abubakar of Bauchi state believes that the major difference between the past PDP government and the APC-led government that took over in 2015, should be in the way we change our habit of doing things.
He observes that “Nigerians showed resentment and utter disgust in the way things were done by the past PDP governments all over the country.” He said “in 2015 Nigerians rose up and gave the trust and mandate to APC to effect a change.
It is only natural and a moral obligation that we should live up to such challenge and keep the trust.” For almost three and half years, since he assumed office as Executive Governor, Mohammad Abdullahi Abubakar, the main focus and concern has been on maintaining the standards and adhering strictly to the rules in the art of governance.
He goes through all documents, files and submissions to ensure that things are done properly believing that this is what the Buhari slogan of change is all about.
When he came to Bauchi recently in order to commission some Projects, President Buhari publicly commended the governor for “Keeping the trust”.
In spite of Governor Abubakar’s determination to adhere to the rules and proper procedure, his doors are always open for suggestions, advices and constructive criticisms.
“We never claim monopoly of wisdom in running the affairs of our dear Bauchi state, and that informed my decision to open the doors for wide consultation and advices.
So far, it has paid off, because all our policies and programmes have been carried out after due consultations with relevant stakeholders,” he said.
Governor Abubakar’s passion to develop Bauchi state was borne out of his deep conviction of what he described as a “payback” to the state for the things it did to him and others in the past.
He said: “I was privy to the emergence and transition of the state from the time it was created in 1976 to date.
Although a lot of progressive strides have been witnessed since then, the fact is development in terms of some aspects of infrastructure needs to be improved.
It is in the light of this that our government is seriously focusing its attention in maintenance and rehabilitation of existing roads and construction of new ones.
Schools are also being given face-lifts and provided with teaching equipment’s.” In the area of education, the governor has brought remarkable changes in order to inject fresh ideas and ensure a sound, effective and qualitative approach in the administration and management of the system to avoid collapse.
The governor successfully reconstituted the management of the state university and appointed a new vice chancellor and other key management staff, and appointed Professor Abdullahi Haruna Danwanka to head the Ministry of Education as commissioner.
His former Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Comrade Sabo Muhammed, a former University lecturer, was redeployed to the education ministry as special adviser education/public enlightenment, all in the effort to put the right people in the right places.
The governor firmly believes that the government has a moral duty to develop the young ones.
It is to Governor Abubakar’s credit that the students of Bauchi state studying in various higher institutions of learning have no problem with their Scholarship grants which is being paid promptly without delay.
In fact, the students never had it so good.
The National President of the Bauchi State Students Union (NUBASS) Faruk Adamu Toro, is full of praise for the governor whom he described as Education- friendly.
He commended governor Abubakar for his concern and great passion to develop the educational sector and for his support and encouragement to the Students body in particular.
The governor has successfully neutralized the menace of Sara Suka (youth hooliganism) and the youths are no longer a threat to the peace and security of innocent citizens.
The governor’s Special Adviser on Youths Development, Alhaji Yusuf Ibrahim, commended the governor for what he described as “his timely intervention” in arresting the menace of youth banditry and the rehabilitation efforts geared towards giving the youth a better future.
Indeed, part of the success recorded by the governor in the area of Youths Development could be attributed to Alhaji Yusuf Ibrahim’s untiring effort and determination in mobilising the youths and his holistic approach to implement government’s policies and programmes in that direction .
In all, Governor Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar’s three and half years tenure as governor can be described as “so far, so good.” In the words of Executive Chairman of Bauchi state Board of Internal Revenue, Alhaji Jibrin Hussaini Jibo, “Governor Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar is setting the standards for us to follow.”

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