Gov Masari, the worthless war and us

There are disturbing signals emerging from the discordant tunes thrown up by recent revelations in Katsina state. The temptation to classify these developments as mere symptoms of political disagreement or differences between Governor Aminu Bello Masari and some segments of the political class now estranged by the current realities of the state will only be an underestimation of the wider dimensions and the consequence they represent for all well meaning citizens of the state.

In recent times, the challenges confronting the state, particularly in the area of insecurity, requires a sense of patriotic zeal among all stakeholders of the state, especially the political class in rallying round the efforts of the Governor. It is quite an irony that, even the bandits who have held the state hostage for long are breaking ranks to declare support for the governor’s strategy towards encouraging disarmament and de-radicalization. This support has offered gradual wins in the short term, with huge prospects for sustainability on the long term, as well. It is against this backdrop that, any one will wonder why the rapid progress being recorded in this regard in complementing the overall development of the state, is being threatened by conflicting interests within the political ranks. It is difficult to rationalize winning the frontal banditry war with compromise by the enablers themselves, with the very sad reverse being the case within a disgruntled segment of a political class, for any motive hard to justify. 

When reports from news sources began to emerge recently and suggested that, Abuja based Katsina All Progressives Congress (APC) members have been daggers-drawn with the governor and have perfected their devices to bring his administration to disrepute, many keen observers will search for reasons why this should be so. It has taken an eventual validation by the governor himself, in a publicized statement credited to him, before some meanings could be generated from the cold war. Why has this been taken to such a hideous level against the interest of the state?

No doubt, the governor’s recent statement calls for serious introspection, given the reality that, he has put up with knowledge of the purported conspiracy and has remained focused thus far, without giving heed to a brewing call to a baseless war. In his characteristic and charismatic disposition, the governor has acknowledged his role as a father and leader in the state, refraining from joining issues with the Abuja group inspite of evidently abundant justification for an onslaught against them. For instance, it is affirmed that, the state chapter of the ruling party and administration were dragged up to the Supreme Court twice, including open collusion with the opposition to upturn the governor’s victory at the court.

These are clear recipes for possible decisive actions on the grounds of Anti-party conduct. Yet, we have not seen that happen, even as the persons concerned have no pretentions about their war, having detached themselves completely from the state, purportedly from the aftermath of their losses at the primary elections. It is also on this note that, we can all worry about the unfortunate allegation of two million membership cards, said to have been printed by the group to cause chaos and disruption for the party and administration at the state level. The moles created from disenchantment in electoral verdict or obvious political differences will only be in the interest of the promoters themselves and not the good people of Katsina state.

With the turn of events tending to suggest that, the state party leadership is finally considering decisive action against the group, there is a lot more reason to appreciate the governor’s maturity and to commend his sense of restraint in putting up with this internal, unjust war against his person and administration, for this long. The battle has obviously taken on wider dimensions including media propaganda through sponsored publications. It is however clear that, the vanity of the motive is already established, as the governor has remained undeterred with an unwavering commitment to put the state on a firm stead to sustainable prosperity, with an open arm for all patriotic elements to own the vision. It is in light of this that, the solidarity and support the governor has continued to enjoy from the citizens of the state has remained unshaken even in the face of a needless and worthless war. It is not a war in anyone’s interest. Not in the interest of the state; certainly not in the interest of the promoters, as well.

 Adamu writes from Kaduna

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