Gov Yahaya Bello doles out cash in support of National Sports Festival

Governor Bello

In line with his to the upliftment of the and support for their development, Yahaya Bello has provided financial support to the -based National Sports Festival (NSF) to the tune of N40 million.

The Ministry of and Sports Development, which disclosed Bello’s support as the NSF got underway, expressed appreciation to the -loving helmsman and the state for supporting the fiesta.

It said the fund will go a long way in uplifting the youth are the larger participants at the biennial sports fiesta.

The Ministry through the media team of its Sunday Dare assured it would commit the fund to providing feeding, and other support.

The ministry expressed the belief that other state governors will emulate Bello in supporting the sports festival as a show of their support for the youth by promoting the fiesta that helps to build their carriers in sports.

Over 65% of the athletes are youth for whom the fiesta, dubbed ’s Olympics, is a great to expose their skills and possibly secure tickets to the Tokyo Olympics.

The of Youth and Sports Development, Mr Dare, had personally called to thank for coming through quickly in support of the Nigerian Youth.

“The governor’s support is timely and useful, and I thank him on behalf of the youth are participating in the 20th National Sports Festival in Edo,” he said.

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