Governor Zulum’s uniqueness

Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno state told the BBC Hausa in an interview he granted to them on June 22, 2021, that he will not fear and that the Almighty Allah will protect him. 

I agree with Governor Zulum that no one dies until Allah wills and everyone likes his life. “I will do everything if it has to do with my people anywhere they are. Some people cannot travel to the affected local government areas by road. I don’t want to mention names. I go by road,” he says.

He told the BBC reporter that nothing will happen to him because he relies on Allah. Muslims must believe in predestination as the governor does. 

How many governors, senators, reps, or any other democratically elected persons can dare sacrifice his life for his people like Zulum does? Ya Allah, bless him for this effort. He’s justifying the quotation ‘a leader is a servant of his people.’ 

People who are continuously asking him to stop going to the affected places in the state should know that he’s doing his job. Don’t stop him if you can’t help him. He confirms that there is famine in the state hence the INGOs cannot give food to everyone. Death will locate you anywhere you are. That’s what Allah says. A clear example is the death of Zannah Umar Mustapha. He died in his room in Adamawa. May Allah continue to shower His illimitable mercy on him. 

 “An enabling environment has to be created by the government for farmers to farm,” he says. Why are people returned to their various unsafe communities?  

The governor answered this question saying no one is returned to his/her local government until the military confirms that the place is safe for resettlement. That’s a good idea. Some months, many people had been saying that the LGAs are unsafe yet the governor insisted on returning IDPs. The governor has exonerated himself. 

The governor doesn’t have an interest in presidency ‘NOW’. Allah knows the best, the governor says. The governor’s happiness. Nothing pleases him more than helping the IDPs. May we get through our challenges.

Lawan Bukar Maigana,

Maiduguri, Borno state

[email protected] 

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