Governors can’t account for funds received from FAAC – NLC 

PDP governors

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said almost all governors in Nigeria cannot account for the monies collected from the federation account and the Internally Generated Revenue.

The congress also described as “extreme selfishness and insensate cruelty” for the governors to make such prescription as the only option for economic recovery.

“The governors, amongst other things, had proposed the elimination of PMS subsidy/under-recovery, estimated at N6-7 trillion, early retirement of civil servants from age 50 and above, the implementation of the reviewed Oronsaye Report, putting an end to financing government’s budgetary expenditures, converting its N 19 trillion debt into a 1OO-year bond, putting a final stop to PMS subsidy, eliminating NNPCs federation-funded projects, capping Social Investment Programme (SIP) and National Poverty  Reduction with Growth Strategy budgets at N200 billion, eliminating extra-constitutional deductions from FAAC and reducing National Assembly constituency projects, etc.”

Speaking on the development in a letter the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) urged   President Muhammadu Buhari to be ‘tough’ and go after those who took public funds.

The letter, which addressed through Chief of Staff to the president, Ambassador Ibrahim Gambari and signed by president of the congress, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, said it should not be too difficult as it is a choice between good and evil.

On the allegation that governors can’t account for the monies collected from the federation account, the union said: “Speaking directly to the issue of removal of fuel subsidy, we find it unrealistic, insensitive and hypocritical.

“It is on record that governors have always been against the culture of saving for the rainy day. In spite of this culture of recklessness predating your administration, few of them have nothing to show for all the moneys they have collected. If there is little or nothing to show for the principal sums or revenues collected over the years, what assurance do we have that the additional sum on top of the principal, popularly called subsidy (most of which is shrouded in mystery and crime anyway) can be put to effective use?”

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