Gov’ship poll: Why APC ‘ll defeat PDP, take over Anambra – Mogahlu

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A frontline governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the director general of the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) Chief George moghalu, has given reasons why his party will win the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra state.

Four major political parties, among others will contest the governorship seat which include the ruling All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Young Democratic Party (YDP).

But speaking with newsmen Sunday in Abuja, after he returned his nomination forms to the party at the weekend, Chief Moghalu said APC now has better chances unlike in 2017 when it came second ahead of other parties.

When asked whether Anambra people will vote APC bearing in mind the state on insecurity and economy in the country, the NIWA boss said: “Why wont they support us? And when people keep saying APC is not popular in Anambra, in 2017, election we came second. We beat PDP in that election. So what happened? Is it demons that voted for us? The same Anambra people are there.

“When you marry two husbands, ask women they will tell you. You will be in a position to compare which one is better. Like I keep saying it. Anambra people have married two husbands. And the third one is waiting which is APC. And we are asking them to marry us this time so that they will be in a position to compare the first, second and this husband that is coming. Because we are coming with a commitment, determination to change the narrative.”

Justifying why APC will emerge victorious further, Moghalu said: “I engaged some people in an argument when they were saying what have we gained from the south-east. There was a time in this country when the Chairman of a house committee on works was an Igbo man. A deputy Senate President was a man. The deputy speaker was an Igbo man. The minister of Finance and Economic was a Igbo lady. Secretary to government was an Igbo. Yet no one kilometer of road was tarred in the south-east. And now you are asking why an Anambran man wont trust APC.

“The second Niger bridge, they did flag off for four times, every election year, we flag it off. Every election year, we set up canopies and flag it off until Buhari came and it stopped. And actual construction started. Today, we are being told of the hand over day of first quarter of 2022. You can go there and go and see what is happening there. As we speak, Enugu-Onitsha road is being addressed. Enugu-Portharcourt is being addressed. A new contract has been awarded between Umahia and Ikot-Ekpene. Same thing ABA-Ikot-Ekpene.”

While expressing worries over the state of insecurity in the South-east, the governorship aspirant called on political leaders and other elites in the region to speak out the truth.

“It is a very sad situation if you look at history every disagreemt, every quarrel every war has never ended on a battle field it usually end on the negotiating table and the question i keep asking why do we have to war first before join doing? Why can’t we jump that aspect of the worrying, that aspect of the fighting, that aspect of disagreements and go straight to the negotiating table and then negotiate our issues.

“We are a talking about human beings we are talking about people beliefs there is no way you can aggregate everybody’s feelings and ambition and put it into a corner, it is not possible. So there must be room for disagreement we must make that room and also for us to deal with it, there must the provision For us to sit down and negotiate. so for me I believe that there is a need for us to keep talking to whatsoever issue that may arrive.”

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