Govt, Army behind Boko Haram – Nyako

— 33 murdered in fresh Adamawa attacks

— 6 insurgents killed

Furious Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa state yesterday berated the federal government over incessant killings in the North-east by insurgents, after Boko Haram launched a fresh attack on his state, killing over 33 persons.
Nyako, who was reacting over the latest Boko Haram attacks in Madagali and Michika villages, said either the government was stage-managing the insurgency or high military commanders behind it, adding that the state of emergency slammed on Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states had failed.

“President, Vice President, Governors and the military – these are the only groups that pass check points without being checked,” he said, “and which of the two groups is conveying those arms to the scene of these actions. We want to know?
“The other aspect is that, the army withdrew from the checkpoint before the attack in Yadi –Buni (of Yobe state), who ordered the withdrawal?

“We also have a case where General Shuwa was killed by so-called Boko Haram members. There are army units there, but they didn’t respond during the incident. Who told them not to respond when Shuwa was being attacked?
“The Air Force Base was raided (too). There was a unit of army nearby. Who gave it order not to respond until all the aircraft were destroyed?

“These are questions that need answers. So either this thing is controlled by unknown fellows, or unknown Boko Haram strategic commanders in the Defence system or (is being) staged-managed.
“We have reached a point (where we have) to come out and tell them our displeasure over the way the situation is escalating,” he added.

He said the recent bloody assaults that stirred a nation fatigued by Boko Haram killings, had ridiculed President Goodluck Jonathan’s claim of success against the sect.
He criticized government for failing to foil Yobe school’s attack that seemed “predictable, since school children had previously been murdered that way in the same state.

“There is no excuse whatsoever,” he said, “We want to know more from the authorities.
“By now, the authorities should be able to know what is happening. We should be able to know where these arms are manufactured and even the signatures of the weapons.
“We ought to know who ordered them, who paid for them, and how they came to
the country. Where were they shipped, which port in Nigeria, who cleared them?

Meanwhile, the death toll of victims of yesterday’s attack in Michika and Madagali local government areas of the state continued to rise, with local sources saying the number rose to 33.
A source in Shuwa said insurgents opened fire on internally displaced persons, who were taking refuge in an open place.
“Instantly they killed at least 33 persons, including women that had fled from neigbhouring villages for fear of attack,” Danile Ishaya, a local resident, told reporters.
When contacted, Chairman of Madagali local government council, Mr Maina Ularamu, however, said that he was only aware of 25 deaths.

Some residents of Michika town said they slept in the hills and nearby bushes during Wednesday attack.
Spokesman of the 23rd Armoured Brigade in Yola, Capt. Ja’afaru Nuhu, confirmed the attacks, but gave no casualty details.
Meanwhile, the military has killed six and arrested two insurgents in Adamawa state, Defence Headquarters said yesterday.
Director Defence Information (DDI), Major General Chris Olukolade, disclosed this during a press briefing in Abuja.
He said that while six fighters were killed, a soldier and three civilians also died near Cameroun border.
“Six of their fighters were killed, two captured while nine of their vehicles were destroyed; one soldier and three civilians also died in the encounter,” he said.

“Unfortunately, however, they have, in the course of their flight towards various borders, continued to perpetrate mayhem, as noticed in some parts of Adamawa state yesterday night where they attacked communities.
In desperation for money and food, they looted and burnt banks, shops and filling stations along their way through Michika as they headed for Cameroon border”

The Director said that Defence Headquarters acknowledged with grave concern the recent mindless killing of innocent school children and other citizens in towns and villages following terrorist activities in some parts of the north east.
“The dastardly act has expectedly attracted the reaction of well-meaning individuals who have been condemning the senseless bloodletting.
“Disturbing as this trend proves, the fact remains that the chilly episodes are simply typical of terrorists intention to intimidate the people into subscribing to their false claim to invincibility.”

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