Govt laxity cause of Birnin Gwari killings, LA says in condolence message

Lawal Adamu Usman, the Kaduna Central Peoples Democratic Party Senatorial candidate in last February’s elections has reacted to reports of attacks by bandits on the Kakangi community of Birnin Gwari blaming it on government’s lack of will to act.

Usman, fondly called Mr LA, while condoling victims of the reported Saturday attacks that claimed several lives and unquantifiable loss of properties, called for ardent prayers for God’s intervention in the face of the glaring failure of the authorities.

Mr LA who spoke through his media aide Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, prayed for the repose of the innocent souls lost and for the restoration of the properties lost in greater measure.

He lamented that large portions of major north-western Nigerian states like Kaduna, Katsina and Zamfara are today at the mercy of a rampaging banditry while the entire North-East is under the threat of a murderous insurgency and most North-Central states facing a lingering communal violence while the authorities feign helplessness.

“Millions of fellow northerners are today internally displaced and hundreds of thousands orphaned with hunger and malnourishment, previously unknown in our land, now becoming alarming features of existence.

“We are concerned because rebuilding lives, communities and infrastructure in these affected states will require the best in leadership capacities and huge amount of political will which without any doubt, the current administration does not have and therefore cannot meet these challenges, or at least lay solid foundations for their achievement.

“We also share concerns that the current quality of coordination of efforts, management of skills and resources and the capacities of government agencies does not do justice to the magnitude of the problems, or address the sense of urgency in dealing with this escalating disaster,” the young candidate said.

He warned that government needs to overhaul the existing institutional mechanisms involved in dealing with the management of this disaster before the problem becomes much worse than it is.
“The sense of emergency which is needed to be applied to dealing with the scale and nature of this disaster also needs to be applied to the management of the nation’s economy. When northerners say they bear the brunt of the current poor governance more than other Nigerians, they speak from a solid experience.
“When the economy deteriorates, we feel the pain more sharply than other Nigerians. With security, we can feed ourselves and feed the rest of Nigeria. But when cost of inputs become prohibitive, threats to lives limit productive capacities, herds are stolen or limited by hostile and damaging political interests, the economy of the North suffers,” he said.
But called on all Nigerians to join the current efforts to remind the leaders of the day that hunger is stalking millions of homes, inflation is making life difficult by the day, people are losing jobs and businesses are closing down.
“Young Nigerians are losing hope of being employed. Our hospitals are full of people who suffer mysterious illnesses, and they cannot afford the fees,” LA said.

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