Govt should stop paying ransom

 After witnessing various records of kidnappings in , the system seems to be weak where some amounts of money are being demanded by the before rescuing the victims. The best way to stop paying those who demanded ransom is by facing our and use manpower to abort all ways of these kidnappings. 

However, by stop paying the ransom, the good name of any government will be maintained. In every good government, there are tactical ways of tackling , clean records of chasing out any unlawful acts. Also, in every government, paying of  ransom means submitting to the criminals and empowering them to up their evil game.

It will also encourage the widespread peer influence in joining negative groups. This is a clear truth because paying ransom could only give spaces to other people with the same negative reasoning to join the same acts of kidnapping and scatter the roof of being laid by the government. So, the government, by all means, should tackle kidnapping as paying the ransom to do more harm than good. 

 In some developed countries, when the issues of are widespread, the government deplores the usage of new technology to tackle it. Therefore, we can also pay attention to that too, we should focus on using technology to fight these , enhancing the intelligence with advanced technology can end these tragic acts. 

Security orientation is a simple way of enlightening the victims and giving them hope in the stability of Nigerian security. Members of the armed forces should be mobilized around the affected areas to enlighten them that paying ransom is not the solution to kidnapping.

Halima Umar,

Department of Mass Communication,

of Maiduguri

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