Govt to issue loan of N3 billion to farmers in Ebonyi

Governor David Umahi of on Monday said his government is set to issue loan of three billion naira to by first week of April this year.

Umahi who spoke through the state Commissioner for and Natural , Chief Moses Ogodoali Nomeh said the loan would be strictly for rice and other agricultural products excluding cassava .

He however, explained that those owing the state government in last year’s farming season would not benefit from this year’s farming season loan. 

Explaining further, Mr ogodoali said that the loan will be given according to the capability of each farmer.

He said: “we are given loan to of all cardre in , we are considering Withholding those of cassava , cassavas are not being sold in the state presently, because almost everybody has cassava farm.

“Government has mapped out 3 billion naira for this loan and it is already with Zenith bank .The form is free.  We have 13 units collection point in the office for the form, which is each has an officer handling it. You don’t need special recognition before you collect form you only need to be qualifying for the loan.

“From next Monday we shall start processing of the forms, and my believe is that by first week of April the money will be disbursed to .

“This loan is meant for only people who have paid up the one they obtained last year and those who have not collecting before.

“We are giving this loan base on your ability  to pay back, if you cultivate  up to ten hectares of land we give you money for it, if it is hectares, fifty hectares and so on we give according to your capability.

“But we must inspect your land; you must give guarantor and collateral. We only require collateral when you are collecting from million and above but if it is less than that million there will be no need for collateral but there must be guarantor”. He said.

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