Greenfield varsity matriculates students, assures on security

Greenfield University on Friday assured staff and students that appropriate security measures had been put in place to ensure their protection against banditry, which claimed five of its students last year.

Speaking at the ceremony in Kaduna, the university management, however, warned students against posting any form of information about the institution on social media.

The vice-chancellor, Prof. Simon Daniel Katung, urged the students to be security- conscious and to avoid late return to the campus hostel.

“The University will continue to work round the clock to ensure the security of lives and properties of our students. Students are advised to always be in the hostel early, because staying out late would not be condoned by the security personnel. Given the fact that the use of social media is in vogue in our society today, you are advised to use it for only positive things that will add value to your stay in the University. No student is permitted to publish anything concerning the University without the written permission of the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean of Student Affairs.

“You are advised not to take the laws into your hands. Any violation of this rule will not go unpunished. The University does not permit the activities of any antisocial groups operating on the campus. In particular, membership of cult groups is prohibited and offenders will be summarily expelled. If you are already one, you are advised to renounce and voluntarily present yourself to the University for Counselling, rehabilitation and reintegration into the University community,” he said.

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