Group alleges plot by foreign agents to frustrate anti-terrorism war

The Coalition on Conflict Resolution and Human Rights in Nigeria has alleged plots by foreign agents to frustrate the country’s insurgency war, “using fictitious reports in the media to undermine the Nigerian troops fighting the Boko Haram terrorists group.” The coalition accused some media outfits, “particularly Reuters and AFP of projecting the activities of Boko Haram terrorists that are false and far from the truth for hidden agenda.” It named Reuters as one of the news agencies aiming at destabiling Nigeria through false, malicious, unsubstantiated and fabricated pieces of news concerning the efforts of the Nigerian Military in engaging Boko Haram Terrorists in some parts of the North East as plans are in place to release news stories that pain the Nigerian military weak and ineffective.
National President of the group, Maxwell Gowon, while speaking at a press conference yesterday, said Reuters has been churning out negative reports capable of thwarting the Nigerian military’s war against insurgency.
Gowon said the news agency’s resolve in portraying the country in bad light by propping up Boko Haram as a parallel state, “leaves more to be desired despite overwhelming evidence that Boko Haram is a global terrorist organisation.” The statement said, “It is instructive to state that Reuters through their actions further enforces the French connection in the sustenance of the Boko Haram conflict through its former colonies in Africa (Niger, Chad, and Mali), and to see that the efforts of the Nigerian military are discredited using all means possible.
“While the Coalition on Conflict Resolution and Human Rights in Nigeria frowns at such unprofessional display by a supposedly objective news medium such as Reuters, it also suffices to state that there is a bigger script the Reuters is acting out.
“It is also curious that Reuters can publish fiction as fact when comments on troops’ capability would be anathema to it when discussing the US or UK military.
“CCGRN is aware that Nigeria’s Defence Minister Mansur Dan Ali told Reuters last month that, “The country has been stable for the past three years,” and this much can be easily verified.
But again, Reuters choose to play the devil’s advocate by painting a picture of gloom and doom, of deserting troops and thousands killed – yet the country still has a standing military.
How curious.
“The case of Gudumbali is an example of the mischief that Reuters has continued to perpetuate with fanfare.
While it’s stated that Gudumbali is under the firm control of Boko Haram terrorists, the same Gudumbali is where the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.
Tukur Buratai visited some days ago to boost the morale of the troops stationed there.
One then wonders if it a possibility or a strange coincidence, and or a figment of the imagination of Reuters.
“CCGRN also wishes to invite Reuters on a tour of the North East Nigeria with its reporters, photojournalists, and editors so they can have a better insight into the great sacrifice the Nigeria Army has put in to ensure that peace returns and by extension the modest achievements of the Nigeria Army under the leadership of Lt.
Tukur Buratai in keeping Boko Haram terrorist in check

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