Group gives award to under-50 entrepreneurs, public servants

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A finance, investment and consulting firm, Dapines Global Investors Ltd, weekend in Abuja, awarded young Nigerians, including entrepreneurs, public servants and many others making exploits in different fields of endeavour.

Among the awardees were the executive director, Rural Electrification Fund of Rural Electrification Agency, Dr Sanusi Ohiare, who won the Most Outstanding Under 50 Public Servant for Youth Development 2021, Special Assistant on Special Duties to the Post Master General/CEO, Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST), Mr Kola Taliat Talent, who won the Most Outstanding Under 50 Public Servant for Productivity 2021, Commissioner, Consumer Affairs, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Mrs Aisha Mahmudkanti, who won the Most Outstanding Under 50 Public Servant for Public Relations, among others.

Speaking at the award ceremony, convener of the event, Simon Tuleh, said the award is to bring them into limelight in order to possibly aspire for leadership positions as popularity matters in the politics of Nigeria. He added that it is high time young Nigerians started taking interest in politics.

He said: “I see a future in Nigeria where young people will take their place, not just in the public service, but in the private sector when we are talking about 10 young CEOs in different sectors. As long as Nigeria continues to exist, there will be need for inclusion of young people. The recent statistics from the NBS and the United Nations shoes that young people have the highest population in the country. That is why political leaders have been calling on young people to take their rightful place.”

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