Group places embargo on livestock from North

A coalition of civil society groups in Igbo land made up of Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), Voice from the East, (V-EAST), Campaign for Democracy (CD),  South East Farmers Association (SEFA), as well as South East Market Traders Association, (SEMATA), has called on Ndigbo to forthwith stop eating or buying livestock reared by Fulani herdsmen.

Cows, goats, fowls, sheep, eggs, beef, horses and donkeys, should not be bought or eaten by any Igbo man again, the group insists.

The group made the call in a communique made available to newsmen after their meeting in Enugu and  posited that this was the only panacea to stop frequent clashes, killings, maiming and kidnappings allegedly committed by armed Fulani herdsmen.

The group stated that from October 1, 2020 onwards, “all those that love AlaIgbo, Igbo land, should desist from touching animals bred in Fulani land.”

The group maintained that once the boycott is sustained for a time, the herdsmen will quietly and naturally leave Igbo forests and thus, killings and fighting would stop.

In the alternative, the group suggested that from October 1, 2020, Ndigbo should rather buy and eat livestock reared in Igbo land such as native cows, fowls, goats, fish and bush meat.

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