Group releases list of Offa robbery victims


A group, “Kwara Must Change” has compiled released 14 names of victims murdered in the deadly armed robbery attack that took place in Offa Community, in Offa local government area in Kwara state.

The names gathered so far include 10 police officers and four civilians, but the group said, however, that it would continue to “update the list as we gather more details”.

It would be recalled that on 5th April 2018, a deadly armed robbery
attack took place in Offa local government area in which several innocent lives were lost.

While several figures were claimed by police and several media houses,
Vigilance Group of Nigeria in Offa said vigilantes in the state counted about 50 dead bodies after the attacks.

It was on this basis that “Kwara Must Change” set out to preserve the memory of the victims, through compiling and documenting their names, not only to ascertain the figure, but to also immortalise

“We believe that only by documenting the names of the victims,
will their memory be preserved.

“Kwara Must Change is aware that the April 5th attack in Offa was the
fourth in 10 years. In the past three incidences, there was no record
of the victims anywhere, neither did the state government take any
measure to improve the security of the community.

“We are of the views that had the Kwara state government properly
supported the police and taken adequate measure to prevent future
occurrence after previous encounter, probably this latest attack would
have been averted.

“However, this is not a time for blame, but a time
for collective solidarity. All Kwarans must come together to
contribute their part in other to ensure peace and security in the

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