Group sues for peaceful co-existence in Nigeria

A group under the umbrella of Yoruba Council of Youth and Yoruba Council of Women world (Igbinmo Apapo Yoruba lagbaye) has called for peaceful co-existence among each other and also the fulani groups across the country.

The President of the group, Aare Oladotun Hassan, in a statement issued in Abuja Wednesday expressed dismay when he read on various platforms the brewing issues on social media viz; banters and arguments about Serikin Fulani of Lagos, hence the need to correct the ill-motivated notions, before the country slip into another tribal war in Nigeria.

He called on members to halt the spread of falsehood and ethnic bigotry against Serikin Fulani of Lagos, Alh. Abubakar Muhammed Bambando and called on the need for members to focus on their internal solutions .

In his words “Definitely there is monumental cracks in the wall, in view of the current crisis and undercurrents of corruption, infrastructural decay and deliberate attempt to undermine our development, peace, unity and progress as a people concurrently led by a few Oligarchists, both of the self-centered Southern gladiators, but more predominantly Northern extractions.

“Nonetheless, let us not get distracted and turn this issue of Oba Fulani of Lagos into a brigandage, just as we have other ethnic groups with their ethnic toga of Serikin Hausawa/Fulani, Eze Ndigbo and Obas covering Lagos and other parts of Yoruba Land(Vice versa) for many centuries and ages long before we were born.

“Let us not allow ourselves nor this discussion to degenerate into extremist and ethnic affairs.

“It is high time we first focus equipped with fundamental solutions on our internal challenges confronting us through the hosting of ” Yoruba Dialogue” a Summit inviting all our Political Leaders, Stakeholders, Royal Obas, Chiefs, Captains of Industries, Women and Youths, just like we did in Ibadan Declaration 2017

“With due respect, based on personal experience, this man; Alh. Bambando saved a war between the South and North that could have divided this country two years ago. When the Northern coalitions gave 30 days quit notice to all southern citizens resident in the North to vacate their land or risk being killed.

“Till date no one knows how we resolved the brouhaha, today we of the Coalition of Southern Nigeria Groups (CSG) and Coalition of Northern Groups(CNG) and other Civil Society organizations jointly formed the National Alliance for Development(NADEV), with greater synergy on the Nigerian Youth Coalition (NYC) and other issues of mutual national interests is built on respectively.

“Perhaps, I believe this is not the time to waste over non issues, once we maintain absolute mutual respect for one another, and ensure our own governments simultaneously respect and commit themselves to the development and absolute welfare of their own people.

“Hence the need to urgently go back to the drawing board to teach and learn the rope of servant-leadership, and inherently ensure we imbibe the principles of “all for one, one for all” traits and skills, as well as hold on to our Omoluabi ethos and integrity thrust principles,” he said .

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