Group urges partnership against killings in Nigeria

A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) operating under the name: Builders of New Nigeria (BNN), has appealed to Nigerians to rise against the killings perpetrated by criminal elements across the country.
The group led by the convener and national chairman, Yinka Quadiri, while briefing newsmen yesterday in Makurdi said the killings are portraying Nigerians in bad light and rendering the life of Nigerians valueless before the international community.
He said it was most unfortunate that leaders in the country have turned a blind eye to the criminal act, which seems to be degenerating into a serious security situation in the country.
Quadiri noted that since the independence of Nigeria 58 years ago, the life of the Nigerian citizen has not amounted to anything worthwhile in the way it has been treated by those whose primary role and re- sponsibility is to protect and provide security.
He noted that for almost six decades, the Nigerian life has remained almost as worthless as can be imagined as it is being daily degraded and destroyed with careless indifference.
“This dreadfully scary situation which is only a rung less than the gruesome and regrettable three-year Civil War in Nigeria in terms of intensity is becoming terribly worse after the passing of each day.
“At home or abroad, nobody cares about the life of the Nigerian person.
The Nigerian life has become the butt of all kinds of local, national and international hostilities with no visible sign of relief or respite anywhere in sight,” he stated.
According to the group, the immediate agenda of the platform and project was to build a great conver- gence across all political divides.
“Let us all come together to drive this vision as one people.
While our group is not anyhow partisan, it is nevertheless committed to ending the reign of terror and the rule of impunity anywhere such is found across the whole landscape of Nigeria.
“We shall mobilize the entire Nigerian people for collective ac- tionuntil Nigeria works.
Our com- mitment to saving Nigeria now and henceforth is resolute, absolute and non-negotiable,” he added.

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