Guber aspirants urges abolition of immunity for president, govs

A former governorship aspirant in Bauchi state, Abdullahi Tanko Orlando, has called on legislators in the country to amend the law that gave the president and governors immunity while in office.

Orlando, who made the call in an Albarka Radio Bauchi programme monitored by our correspondent, opined that abolishing the immunity could help to address corruption among the executive and ensure transparency and accountability.

He lamented that the members of the executive arm steal public funds and get away with it due to the immunity they enjoy.

He said states in the north east region remained poor due to alleged lack of political will by state governments to harness its resources properly to develop the region.

He stated that state governments should slash the salary package of political office holders and use it for some projects. 

The governorship aspirant also called on them to review their policies on poverty eradication towards reducing the hardship faced by people in the region. 

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