Guyaba celebrates in custody

It is over a week since the arrest and eventual detention of a students’ leader and government’s critic Comrade Aminu Harsanu Guyaba after being arraigned in court on a charge of allegedly critising the Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state.

However, since then, several appeals and at some instances protest were carried out both virtually (on media platforms) and physically, calling on the state government and other relevant authorities to effect his release.

The protests were done by students and his comrades claiming that there are many critics of the government all over the media doing more than what Guyaba did and no one cared to stop or question their activities.

To some, the arrest of Guyana is nothing but a show of lack of tolerance for criticism on the part of the governor as against his being an experienced and nationalistic politician that has been going round the country presenting himself to be elected as president.

Thus, whatever people may have or want to conclude in future, today Aminu Harsanu Guyaba is celebrating one of the best days of his life in detention. This is a day which has brought to his family the joy of their lives.

His birthday which he would have celebrated in front of a designated cake round with flowers, balloons among his family members, friends and other compatriots of a feather on May 24, was celebrated instead in detention.

Unfortunately, only God knows the situation he is passing through wherever he is. Who knows if he can even remember what this day is to him as against the usual reminder by media platforms, banks and loved ones? What a sad development!

Emphatically, like we did days ago, we want to remind Governor Bala Mohammed that Aminu Harsanu Guyaba is his child who was there through thick and thin to see that his government was brought to power. He had played vital role in campaigning and securing votes for him.

On that note, we believe no matter the grievance, Guyaba deserves a better treatment from his excellency. Aminu is not more than a child that Kauran Bauchi should have ordered to kneel down and flog with a koboko.

For that, we believe our outcry will not be like that of a fowl because many people from afar have started a mockery of us and our government.

Umar Sani Yakubu,
[email protected]