Haba! Governor El-Rufa’i


One wonders why a gentleman like  Nasir El-Rufa’i should lie about his decision to sack over 44,000 workers in all the local governments of Kaduna state. The governor of Kaduna state explained recently that he sacked 99 political appointees not civil servants. I wonder why El-Rufa’i would face the people and tell outright lies. How can anyone agree with El-Rufa’i that the staggering number of people he sacked were political appointees? If true, were they imported from Niger Republic or Benin Republic, Nigeria’s neighbours? How can 22,000 teachers be appointed at the same time? 

Did El-Rufa’i appoint the said political appointees in his current second term? Does El-Rufa’i really know what he is talking about regarding this claim of sacking only 99 political appointees? When I went to buy newspapers, I heard many people condemning the Kaduna state governor for being naïve, sorry for the harsh word, but this was what was said by those at the vendors at Sabon Gari, Galadima Road, in Kano. You know, at that junction of Sabon Gari Kano, there are people with different languages and I wonder how those that converged unanimously condemned the action and lack of sympathy to the sacked workers. 

El-Rufa’i thinks there is nothing anyone can do being the governor extra-ordinary who believes only in himself. The extra-ordinary governor could also snub the presidency, believing it cannot change his evil cause. The Nigeria Labour Congress did a three-day warning strike but the extra-ordinary governor has remained adamant as nobody has the right to call him to order; not even his counterparts from the same party APC.

The Kaduna state governor is toeing a dangerous political path, hence 2023 is gloomy for his party and by then, he would perhaps flee to America, his second home. During late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua government, the said political saint of Kaduna, El-Rufa’i, went on self exile to America. 

The people’s Governor Dr El-Rufa’i thinks he is the only educated element in the North. I wonder why a political office seeker would continue to undermine the people. El-Rufa’i is destroying the party that gave him power. El-Rufa’i was one of those that brought Nigeria’s to its knees, privatising anything Nigeria and destroying the future of Nigerians. He also brought down the stalls of poor people when he was minister of FCT. The man is a very huge contributor to human dislocation politically, socially and even religiously.

The APC should call this man to order.

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Kano, Nigeria, 08175472298

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