Hair production: Top Nigerian young CEO, Itua, breaks silence

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Hair Stylist, and one of Nigeria’s youngest Chief Executive Officers (CEO), John Itua, has been uncovered as the brain behind the popular J.I Emporium in Lagos.

The Ambrose Ali University graduate according to reports, has successfully ran the company since 2016, with its primary focus on hair manufacturing, sales and distribution.

“According to him, “We are also involved in social welfare, to promote and protect the women folks.”

Itua who is prominent for his hair sales said passion for excellence, innovation and hard-work, and his quest for profit making earned him considerable experience in hair production and sales, with top notch recommendations to bigger clients in Nigeria.

“I have devoted my time in solving people’s challenges in hair demands, and service inefficiency in Nigeria.

“People pay for our products, some place orders and we deliver to them, but we are considering expansion, due to the influx of traffic on sales we receive on a daily basis.

“We offer our customers the ability to satisfy their needs with just a click on our social media pages, Subsequently, we increase their ability to channel more efforts on core business, while we handle their beauty needs,” he said.

Over our years of operations, Itua said they have gained significant wealth of experience in digital marketing.

He said, “We have exhibited a superb level of entrepreneurial ingenuity and integrity uncommon with his peers in hair sales. Although we experience challenges and competitions, we have worked assiduously to make J.I Emporium remain a top brand in Lagos.”

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