Hajj 2017: ‘15,601 sacrificial animals slaughtered for Nigerian pilgrims’

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Th e Saudi Project for the Utilization of Hajj Meat, known as Adahi, which is managed by the Islamic Development Bank, IDB, has slaughtered a total of 15,601 sacrifi cial animals for Nigerian pilgrims as part of hajj rituals for this year hajj.

JAIZ Bank, which was appointed by Nigerian Hajj authorities and IDB as the sole collector for Hajj sacrifi cial animals performed the ritual on behalf of Nigerian pilgrims whose collections were made through Jaiz Bank.

Representatives of JAIZ Bank, along with Nigerian Hajj offi cials and some pilgrims, visited the slaughter houses complex in Mina near Makkah during the Hajj days and were conducted round to witness the slaughter.

Interested Nigerian pilgrims paid for their sacrifi ce animals through JAIZ Bank, and subsequently the slaughter was handled by IDB at the Mina slaughterhouses.

Th e Adahi Project was established in 1983 to oversee the slaughter of sacrifi cial animals for Hajj and other Islamic rituals.

Th e Project aims at serving pilgrims by providing livestock that meet Shari’ah and health requirements, and also help to make the meat available to benefi ciaries around the world.

Since inception, the Project has distributed around 20 million animal carcasses among the needy within Saudi Arabia and in 27 other countries.

Th is is the third successive Hajj season that JAIZ Bank handled collections for the Hajj sacrifi ce, following its appointment as the sole agent in 2015 to collaborate with IDB to perform the ritual on behalf of Nigerian pilgrims

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