Hajj/Umrah: Stakeholders to showcase goods, services in Jeddah

In an effort by Saudi Arabia authorities to solidify Hajj and Umrah relationship with other countries of the world, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has organised a three-day exhibition event at the Jeddah Centre for Forum and Events which has ended.

The exhibition is intended to provide the required guide and brochures for joint Hajj and Umrah relationship, particularly between the Saudis, private tour operators and possible will be partners who might have interest in engaging in Hajj and Umrah shuttles.
At the venue of the exhibition, which National Media Team of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) and staff of the commission attended for the first time, afforded all Saudi service providers, including the Mutawwif, transporters, hoteliers and all Saudi stakeholders in Hajj and Umrah affairs in the Kingdom, the opportunity to showcase their goods and services for would-be interested partners to establish business relationship with any of them from outside the Kingdom.
However, there were some well grounded organisations that have for ages been involved in the affairs of Hajj and Umrah outside the Kingdom like the United Kingdo-based World Hajj and Umrah Convention were also at the exhibition to showcase their services for possible mutual relationship.
Speaking to journalists at the event, the Chairman of the group, a Pakistani-British citizen, Mohsin Tutla, said they were at the event to showcase their activities which included lectures, symposia and workshops for countries of the world to be educated and enlightened about the entire packages of Hajj and Umrah from consular to spiritual spheres of the religious activities.
He said the exhibition as organised by the Saudis was aimed at opening up to the outside world to appreciate what the Kingdom’s vision 2030 entails, which included liberalisation of some stringent business and interaction laws to pave way for a more all encompassing and embracing approach without touching the sensibilities of religious provisions.
Mohsin Tutla said his organisation has settled for a grand world workshop and seminar for Abuja in January, 2019, where stakeholders on Hajj all over the glory would converge to brainstorm on how best to improve and run Hajj and Umrah affairs with little or no stress.
He said Nigeria was chosen for next year’s gathering in view of Nigeria’s contribution and support to the establishment and realisation of the aims and objectives of World Hajj and Umrah convention over the last 10 years.
It was observed this year, that the Saudi authorities are very much amiable to changes and have virtually thrown their doors and arms wide open for collaborative mutual benefits and interests.
Part of these open door policies, is the accreditation of about 52 Nigerian journalists to officially cover Hajj activities this year and with a promise for a more fruitful engagement next year, provided the explained protocols are adhered to and diligently observed.
The news was given by the Head of the Audiovisual Department, Hamza Algubaishee, when for the first time the Ministry of Information(media) accorded the Nigerian Media Team the opportunity to rub minds with it on how best to gather and disseminate news and reports on Hajj activities and other aspects of the Kingdom’s socio-cultural and economic drives of interest to all, without hindrances or bottlenecks.

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