Halima: Celebrating an icon of humanity

By Musa Wada

On Friday, December 23, 2016, Barrister Halima Alfa gained an additional year of a life distinguished by humane principles, refined values and remarkable achievements. Barrister Halima, a man in a woman and an Amazon of Kogi politics, was a former commissioner of commerce and industry in Kogi state, former national financial secretary of All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP), Former Sure-P member representing North-central, and a former BOT member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Halima, who is a chieftain of all the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi state, was also the national legal adviser of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF). Halima is a woman distinguished by several distinctive qualities, including her goodness of character and uncommon political philosophy of value addition.

To be honest, I don’t think birthday is such a big deal for this amiable socialite for it is not known exactly when she was in the news over a birthday bash despite her verve and vivacity. A big surprise; Halima is one woman whose activities never passed unnoticed let alone easily forgotten but it appears birthday is not a big deal. In a general sense, birthdays whether hugely celebrated, solemnly marked or ignored give one the picture of a life. As often said, a birthday means a different thing to different people.
Birthdays carry several and varied connotation but all are emotionally based. It is reminiscent of the day that one is delivered into a whole new world of wonder and uncertainties – the tides and storms of human existence. However, we regard a birthday, birthdays are important in our lives as it either rekindles the flames of our aspiration, or refocuses our gaze into the deep and wide horizon of life. By and large, a birthday is truly measured on the basis of the impacts the life it bears makes in a society.

In the case of Barrister Halima Alfa, she is a woman of many parts. She is a veteran politician, an astute lawyer, and philanthropist. Halima, from childhood, showed unmistakable signs of leadership. In the last three decades, her life has been filled with achievements and controversies that would render her a unique being, a manager of transcendental abilities and a woman of unmatched courage.
Barrister Halima is certainly a woman whose life carries a part with the destiny of our society. Indeed, as far as Kogi state politics  is concerned, Halima has been weighed in the balance and found adequate and therefore wanted to drive the state to its manifest destiny. Halima by dint of hard work, determination and courage went to school from her matrimonial home and today she is a PhD candidate in one of the leading universities in Nigeria.

The style of Halima’s politics gave her influence and impacts that stand her out as a significant political figure in Kogi’s recent political history. She dignified the place of women in politics with a clear sighted, constructive philosophical base that accentuates empathy and positive attitudes as the necessary model that makes government meaningful.
Verve and exultancy in national politics arguably, establish a unique position for Nigeria women on the political map. Through her Women for Change and Development Initiative, she tours the whole country campaigning for affirmative action for Nigerian women. She has brought succor to many homes in terms of employment, health and other socio-economic empowerment of the youths thereby helping to extend the frontier of humanity.

History beckons and remembers Halima with kindness because her light lit the paths of others. Her closeness to the people derives from her caring, and her understanding of the core expectations of people’s needs. Here is a woman whose values recognize that development must necessarily begin with the core elements that make up a political system and that a good government is such as provides the people with structures and infrastructure for the good happy living.
This is why Halima is dear to the people and her mention brings the picture of a high-potential personality to the fore. Halima, unlike any other disciple of the late Prince Audu (may Allah grant his soul eternal rest), took great lessons in the values of hard work, philanthropy and humility as the most veritable tools of endearment and influence. This is in addition to the fact that she is a woman who also knows that patience is a virtue, thus possessing an aura that both affects and influences you.

When one remembers the life, time, friends, and allies of the late Prince Audu; talking about friends and allies of the late politician, Barrister Halima Alfa is one loyal friend for consideration. I have never seen a better or truer loyalist of late Audu like Halima. Her loyalty and chivalry in defending Audu’s honour after his death and taking care of his wife is astounding. To my divergent readership, this is the Barrister Halima Alfa I have seen. Happy birthday your esteemed and may your days be long and blessed with sounder health and prosperity.

Musa Wada wrote from Abuja

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