Hard work is key to success

 Yes, little things, they add up to big things in life, because the little amount of hard work you put in life leads to a greater success. It’s always during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light, success requires ample of turmoil, tough times in life and after every hardship there is relief so work hard and believe in your hard work because no one is you.

The hard times in life always add up to something big in life. No one said it was going to be easy, so don’t you dare give up just because things are hard. Predicaments will pass and you will be better, keep going until you reach the apex of what you targetted in life. Success is always the sum of small efforts repeated daily. So keep trying and put in the best in you and trust God; it will surely add up to something big.

Be the person you needed when you were going through tough times, this is for my fellow youths don’t depend on someone in life, be yourself, believe in yourself and the success you’re aiming will fit in to place because little amount of hard work add up to big things in life.

I so much love and adore the fellow youths of my country and I want them succeed in life but success will not find you if you didn’t look for it,  so put more efforts in seeing that you achieve the goal that you have in mind. I so much revere and respect my youth and so much want to see them out from every illegal activities that lead to destruction of our father’s land Nigeria. But by putting a little amount of hard work surely big things will locate them by the grace of the omnipotent.
 No one who is unwilling to make personal sacrifice achieve success and there is an adage that says “although the clay hard been moulded into a port it was yet to pass through the fire” at the same time a journey of a thousand miles begins with steps and if you did not believe in one thing you’ll die for nothing. So i’m bringing this write up to motivate my fellow youths to trust the little things they do in life. Surely, it will add up to big things in life.
 I so much love and revere my country, I will never utter or write bad words about my country because it bred and made me who I am today. So I am urging my fellows to put more efforts in seeing that together we drive the train of achieving the goals in order to see that we make Nigeria great again.

Where there is a will, there is a way and where there is win there is wealth.  Our Role May Be Different but our goal is one that is to win. But how would we win ? We only win when we put more efforts and work hard in the little things we do  because they always add up to big things and take us to greater level in life.

Nigeria is a home of winners, winning is our habits and world class companies are built by world class people.  World class people always start from the root, they go through ample of turmoils and tough times but at the end became what they are today. They suffered alots in life, they faced so much challenges but endured that’s why they reached certain levels in life and now they’re role models.

 Lastly, most of us have dreams that Nigeria would be great again by the grace of the omnipresence and I always caution my fellows to shun vices and be steadfast especially when going through tough times. Also, be strong enough to know that hardship don’t last forever, all shall pass.
Muhammad Umar Shehu [email protected]