Hazat Sule, the quintessential director in FCTA

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There is always a first to everything. And Muhammad Hazat Sule has set the pace in the administration of the Federal Capital Territory, FCTA. Sule is the director of Information and Communication FCT.

He is a former assistant secretary of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Abuja chapter and chief press secretary to many ministers of FCT.

He came prepared for the job as mantle of leadership of the information division of the FCTA fell on him some months back.

He hit the ground running. The quality and content of the official newspaper of the administration, “Abuja Digest”, for instance, has changed dramatically.

Also of note is that he has introduced the on- line version of the newspaper.

Sule, on assumption of duty, interacted with the over 100 information officers in the employment of the FCTA.

He had a first hand information about every department and secretariat under the FCTA.

Hence, it was not difficult for him to reel out statistics and facts about the laudable achievements of the Muhammad Musa Bello administration.
Some of these achievements are in the public purvey, but many more are unreported and unknown to many within the FCT.

He set the pace again last week when he met with editors and senior colleagues of the pen profession in Abuja to explain and reveal the achievements of the administration of the FCT.
Being the first time of having such parley, some of the editors wondered what he had under his sleeves that they are not aware of, or have been reported by the press crew assigned to cover activities of the ministry.
He told the editors that no media manager or image maker can succeed without the support and cooperation of the media.
He attributed his success in the ministry to the support he garnered from the media.
He told the editors that the FCT Administration under the leadership of the Minister, Mallam Muhammad Musa Bello, is breaking new grounds, especially as it concerns infrastructural development of the Federal Capital Territory.

According to him, several multi-billion Naira ongoing projects the minister met on ground are being completed.
There are six major road projects, he explained, with several interchanges, culverts, and bridges, criss-crossing the entire four phases of the Federal Capital City are being executed. Also, landmark projects in Satellite Towns are being rapidly developed to the credit of the present FCT Administration. He listed the major roads in the City Centre to include construction of the Southern Parkway (S8/9), stretching from the National Ecumenical Centre/CBN to Ring Road 1(RR1)/Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway.
The road is a 10-lane freeway traversing the southern development corridor of the city, linking the Northern Parkway through the city centre (Abuja Central Business District).

The Parkway encloses the Cultural Spine of the city with edifices such as, NTA, FCDA Complex, National Ecumenical Centre, National Mosque, National Museum & Millennium Towers, Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), National Library, Yar’Adua Centre, to mention but a few.

For the purpose of emphasis, he noted that the ongoing construction work on the Abuja Parkway with several culverts and bridges was a clear pointer to the good intentions of this government.
However, for the benefit of those who may not know what the Parkway project entails, he enlightened the editors that In the Abuja Master Plan, it’s supposed to be the longest street in the Federal Capital City, Abuja, because it criss-crosses major Districts as well as all the Phases that make up the city from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in the Northern axis to the Southern corridors.

Not done yet, he said the FCTA is also handling the Extension of the Inner Southern Expressway (ISEX) from the Outer Southern Expressway (OSEX) at the AYA Bridge in Asokoro to the Southern Parkway, Abuja.

This Administration is also working on the Construction of the 15km left- hand service carriageway of Outer Southern Expressway (OSEX) Stage II from the Ring Road I to Wasa Junction, he added.
He said the provision of engineering infrastructure to Wuye, Jahi and Guzape II Districts are continuing as well as undertaking the dualization of the Lower Usuma Dam-Gurara Water Transfer project in Kaduna State.

Completing these projects , the director further explained is to ensure a pleasurable, safe, and fast movement in-and- around the city for thousands of commuters, especially during peak hours.
Sule said aside other numerous benefits, the roads are expected to boost economic activities, enhance productivity of the work force, and preserve the aesthetic beauty of Abuja, being the fastest growing city in Africa.

This Administration’s desire to complete work on the Greater Abuja Water Supply Project, and reticulate clean and safe drinking water to FCT residents isn’t in doubt.

By embarking on the Greater Abuja Water Supply Project, he posted that government intends to tackle the perennial shortage of portable water supply in some parts of the 250 square kilometres of the FCC, Abuja.
This ambitious project is expected, according to him, to provide portable water supply to 50 Districts of the FCC, covering about 1.5 million residents, who are hitherto, depending on other sources of water that may not be hygienic and safe for use.

“Specifically, this Water Project is expected to provide portable water to about 50 Estates and Mass Housing schemes around the Phases III & IV of the City.”
He recalled that few months ago, the nation was faced with inadequate electricity supply and some parts of the city was not well lit due to inadequacy from the electricity distribution company.
Today, the entire Abuja is being lit as FCTA instead of playing the blame game, had to think outside the box and quickly provide a worthy alternative.

He said, the Stand-alone Solar powered Streetlights have been deployed across the city to lit up Abuja, especially at night.
Reeling out more, the information director said the FCT Administration has improved security surveillance with the procurement of modern security gadgets and operational equipment for Security Agencies in the FCT.

In the area of health care delivery, efforts are being made to resuscitate the abandoned 240-bed Utako District hospital; in addition, the Administration has introduced Automated Registration of Private Healthcare facilities to check incidences of quackery.

Also, the Zuba Cottage Hospital has been rehabilitated and upgraded to the status of a General Hospital.
In Education sector, he said the major problem the nation face is the safety of pupils and students in public schools and the FCT Administration has taken measure to install security gadgets in all its public schools.

The Administration has built modern state-of-the art Library complex at the College of Education, Zuba; a City Library in Abuja. This is apart from building of several classrooms for primary and secondary schools scattered around the Territory.
On traffic management, Sule noted that the Directorate of Road Traffic Services has introduced electronic device for tracking traffic rules violations, which is expected to bring in sanity to the motoring public.
Welcome on board, Muhammad Hazat Sule, the quintessential director of information and communication.

Abdul is Abuja based journalist

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