Health benefits of baobab powder

Baobab is very versatile; it can serve as your everyday all in one nutrition safety net. It is an ideal source of energy, it is excellent for athletes, smokers, anemic, anorexics, diabetes, weight issues, people prone with celiac diseases, gastric problems, and most common illnesses.

 According to various reports, it contains 11 to 17 per cent crude protein and with an amino-acid composition comparing favorably with that considered the ultimate for human nutrition. Others health benefits include more Iron than red meat, more magnesium than spinach, more antioxidants than goji berries, potassium than bananas, blueberries, helps slow aging, protect against major illnesses like heart disease and cancer, among others.

These days, most homes have developed the habit of neglecting the local soup (baobab) and embracing the modern soup which are high in cholesterol. Most people would tell you that they don’t like cooking baobab soup because it looks too local not knowing its health benefits.

Most households in Nigeria would  deliberately  say  that they prefers cooking oiling and spicy soup despite knowing its  benefits while others reject it  out of ignorance of its health benefits. The outbreak of diseases could only be reduced only if by abandoning processed foods and eating the local foods.

Dahiru Usman Mshelia

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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