High unemployment taints young people trust political system – Kreck

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Resident Representative of Konrad-Adenaur- Stiftung , Dr Vladimir Kreck said that high unemployment among the young people in Nigerian makes it difficult to show trust in the political system.

Mr Kreck who made this statement in Lagos at the national retreat for Young Parliamentarian Forum (YPF) of the National Assembly said that today mani young people are dissatisfied with the ruling elites in Nigeria.

This dissatisfaction according to him was partly a result of insufficient economic development in the country.

He said that the youth also dissatisfied because they have little or no say in formulating politics that target their needs.

Making reference to the last year’s EndSARS protest and the tragic end they took, he said, dissatisfaction can turn into frastration and anger and spark mass protests that endanger the peace in the country.”

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