Hold your leaders accountable, activist beckons electorate

Nigerians have been charged to always ask questions and hold their leaders accountable on promises made to them during electioneering campaign exercise.

The Executive Director, Conscience for Human Right and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR), Comrade Idris Abdul Miliki, gave the charge in Lokoja on Saturday during a one day zonal capacity building organised by (CHRCR) in partnership with Shehu Musa Yar’adua foundation for Community-Based Organisation (CBOs) in Lokoja/Koton-Karfe federal constituency on anti-corruption , transparency and accountability in elections.

Comrade Miliki who revealed that the purpose of the programme was to institutionalise anti-corruption, transparency and accountability in Nigeria by ensuring necessary political commitment, said the country can not develop when the electorate who suppose to put their leaders  on their toes in the area of performance have failed.

“Imagine every year budget are made and passed for implementation but at the end of the year the level of implementation is far below expectations and no body ask or challenge the authority concern.

“Another area of concern is the Legislators who will collect constituency allowances meant for projects execution , but are diverted for personal aggrandisement.

“Therefore it behoove on the electorate to consistently ask questions on what they do with the common wealth of the people and by so doing you will put them on their toes to fulfil their electioneering campaign promises” he advised .

Speaking on lack of accountability in the conduct of party primaries, the human right activist, said, “It is time we look into party primaries where money meant for development  are wasted without recourse for the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens.

“This ugly situation is not only applicable to political parties alone , most often than not  unions and associations involve money in their elections that at times snowball into a very serious crises.

“Even the appointment of traditional rulers has been politicise to an extend that if you don’t have money to buy the conscious of the people , you can ascend the throne.”

He therefore cautioned the electorate not to collect money before voting for any candidate, saying such action would not allowed them to hold their leaders accountable especially if they are not living up to expectations in terms of performance and fulfilment of promises.

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