HOMEF seeks rejection of genetic engineering masked as climate smart agric

The Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) has called for the rejection of all false solutions including REDD+, Carbon Trading, Carbon Capture, Geoengineering and Genetic Engineering masked as Climate Smart Agriculture as solution to climate change.

The Foundation made the call recently during the 3rd session of its School of Ecology on Climate Justice in Uyo, Akwa Ibom. According.to the Foundation the need to adopt and promote the Agroecology system of agriculture will increase food productivity, economic stability and climate resilience.
According to a statement by project Officer on Hunger Politics Miss Joyce Ebebeinwe, Nigerians must demand climate change solutions thaaddresseses the root of climate change
She said climate change impacts are now more evident than ever, and is a major contributing factor to green-house gases emissions from the oil sector saying that Nigeria should quickly begin a transition from dependence on fossil fuel energy. 

She said a major reason we don’t have appropriate climate action is the influence of corporate interests. “To achieve climate justice we must change our system-our social and political relations.”
“We should promote and fundamentally shift towards Agroecology to ensure resilience to the impacts of climate change and the stabilization of the climate by reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. “We must build critical youth movements across the country to advocate for climate action. Our educational curriculums should include energy transition, climate justice, renewable energy, and agroecology.

“We should have multi-stakeholder engagements-dialogues, protests and possible mitigations to provoke climate action. We must urgently install mass transit systems and promote the use of renewable energy cooking and storage equipment for women and communities.
“We must rethink our idea of development which is now measured based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Our thinking should focus instead on the wellbeing of the people with dignity and fairness for humans and the rest of nature.
“Civil Society Organisations should monitor our Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to ensure their effective and timely implementation for climate action. Gas flaring must be stopped. There should be no more shifting of flare-out deadlines. Polluters must be made to pay commercial value of gas as an encouragement to halt bad behavior. The world is moving away from fossil fuel energy to clean energy technologies and the demand for fossil fuels is reducing. Nigeria must quickly take steps towards a renewable energy future,’ she said. 

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