HoR aspirant quits APC, joins NNPP in Osun

An aspirant to the House of Representatives under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun state, Muslihudeen Adekilekun, has defected to the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP).

Adekilekun who is contesting to represent Ede North, Ede South, Egbedore and Ejigbo local government at the House of Representatives, accused APC leadership of imposing candidates on members without consultation.

Speaking at a press conference in Ede, Saturday, he noted that he has shown intention to contest for the House of Representatives seat since 2011, alleging that “APC has never for once conducted a primary election to choose candidates as demanded bythe constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Instead, the party leaders prefer to impose their “anointed candidate” on others in the name of consensus.”

Noting that he has not benefited anything despite his donation and contribution to the party, Tijani accused the screening committee of bias, saying keeping the result of exercise and announcement of an anointed candidate is “embarrassing and disgusting.

“APC, particularly in, Edeland, operates like a cult. It has become a party that encourages bribery over loyalty, prefers godfatherism to popularity/acceptability, honours and lords new-comers over faithful members and goes for manipulation instead of integrity.

“The party, over the years, has always welcomed and positioned people ofquestionable character, whose traits are contrary to her principles of equity andfairness. Since it is now as clear as daylight that the leadership of the party in Edeland are hell-bent on denying me the opportunity to offer a qualityrepresentation to my esteemed constituency, I was left with no option but to seek an alternative political party where I will have the opportunity to prove my mettle against their anointed candidate in the general election.”

Asked how he intends to tackle the popular parties, he said the trust and integrity that NNPP is selling would help him, adding “I am pulling out my structure I built with Adekilekun’s name

“I have a structure which I have used for the AC, ACN and APC. We are very strong in the four local governments of Ede North, Ede South, Egbedore and Ejigbo local government. We discussed with our people and everybody agreed that we should move. So, we have formidable followers and structures that can win elections,” he added.

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