Horror! 14-year-old missing boy found in crocrodile’s stomach

A little boy of 14 years old has been found dead inside a crocodile’s stomach after he was pulled from a riverbank and dragged underwater.

The boy identified as Ricky Ganya from Malaysia, had been collecting snails with his family at a riverbank in Kuching, Malaysia on Friday when the crocodile leapt out of the water and went towards him, according to Mirror Online.

The 14-foot animal clamped its jaws around the boy’s foot and dragged him underwater, his aunt called for help and the emergency services arrived, but the boy was gone.

They used a chicken as bait to lure the crocodile back out of the water and it was trapped in a snare, four days later.

Locals cut open the reptile’s stomach and found clothes belonging to Ricky as well as a number of human remains.

The boy’s remains were taken home by the family for a funeral in their village.

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