Hostilities as livescore welcomes Spanish La-Liga

One of the most popular resources with the results of the best sports is the Irish site livescore foot. The monthly number of visits to this resource is over 10 million. It was created in 1996. The main task of this portal, and then, and now is to show the results on:

·         Football

·         Hockey

·         Basketball

·         Tennis and other sports with quotes in different bookmakers.

The site presents 10 sports on which you can look at the statistics and learn the results. In the upper right corner is the tongue switch. The site has 30 language versions.

Football is the most complete on livescore

 Here you can see the flags of over 100 States. What is characteristic, users will even be able to familiarize themselves with the livescore foot of the lower leagues of countries such as Qatar, Guinea and Malta. Second place is tennis. There’s always a lot of competition about it. Virtually all tournaments, in the bookmaker’s lines, the site presents Livescore. The hockey championships are represented by more than 30 countries. There are complete statistics on the scorers, the totals. Basketball’s pretty full. Users can follow all American leagues, as well as Championships from more than 30 countries.

We learn more in detail what a livescore is. First of all, we note the possibility of posting the results from a week ago and becoming familiar with the calendar of the week for all sports covered by this resource.

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In the left column of the Livescore site you can see the list of countries whose championships are illuminated. By selecting any country in the list, you can see the current and already completed results in the different leagues. If you click on a game, the statistics and odds of the popular bookmakers will appear. Citations are constantly monitored, and you can track their change. Markers of different colors allow you to understand which positions the coefficients have increased and which have dropped.

At the top, there is a coefficient filter. With his help, it is convenient to compare quotes from bookmakers on totals, odds, baseline results and other positions. In front of some matches, badges are affixed. If there is an “L” icon, it means that bookies take bets during the duel. If there is an icon with the TV, the game is broadcast. There are channels beside which you can watch it.

On the site Livescore you can register. This will allow you to change the configuration of the site yourself for your own purposes. You can set the sport to display when you open the page, change the default language, fonts, time zone.

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