How comedy is taking over entertainment industry – Abiodun


Nigerian Entertainer and Comedian, Bajulaiye Oyetunji Abiodun, says the use of social media in propagating comedies has come to stay.

Oyetunji was reacting to enquiries from fans on his Instagram page John_donbilly, if entertainment shows will not return soon.

He stated that, Nigerians are now addicted to streaming videos online, to keep them going, than pay attention to shows or events.

According to him, “We have noticed that people prefer video skits, as they can stream it from the comfort of their homes, and make themselves happy, than looking forward to shows.

“What was obtainable in times past, was that we organise shows, where people buy tickets to watch us perform.

“There are some persons who travel from different states to be part of the show, but all that are gradually weaning off, because with your data, you can view the world.

“So, we don’t blame our fans to their choice, we have to align with what they want, and flow alongside, so we could keep the tempo going.”

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