How I cheated death through double stem cell – Young Lady

With concerted efforts towards the revival of orthodox medicines against some diseases in recent times, the era of medical tourism abroad with huge financial implication would soon be a thing of the past. ELEOJO IDACHABA, in this report, writes on how a young lady cheated death through the application of Double Stem Cell against some stubborn ailments.

Many Nigerians are daily passing through debilitating health challenges involving the vital organs of their body like the kidney, liver, blood disorder and cancer. Research shows that in most cases, victims have to be ferried out of the country in what is commonly known as medical tourism, at high costs, to countries like South Africa, India, China, UK and US. Often times, many do not return on their two legs but in body bags. And for those who cannot afford the cost in hospitals abroad, death becomes imminent, the reason for which some electronics media houses embark on corporate social responsibilities by using their medium to solicit for fund for such victims. While that is a good enough, Blueprint investigation, however, reveals that there are NAFDAC approved supplements currently in the market through which such ailments are treated with ease.

A true life story

In a recent interview with a lady who cheated death because of her encounter with the product, she said, “I want people going through the difficulty of sourcing for funds in order to travel abroad to know that there is an alternative to medical tourism.” In her testimony to Blueprint, she said, “My name is Iwuoha Josephine. My problem started in the year 2000 when my mother suddenly died. A year after, my father also died. I was much younger then, so this led me into serious depression as a result of too much thinking about how we can survive as children. To further compound it, I had an immediate younger brother who had a blood disorder problem referred to as sickle cell anemia. If my parents were alive to run around and care for him, his condition would be manageable, but here was a boy in that condition without both parents. Now that they are all gone and we were left with no known reliable relative to take care of us, what would become of him and the rest of us in school? This thought preoccupied me to the point that I was losing my mind. We were in this condition until 2012 when he was involved in an accident which took his life. These situations completely broke me down. All these while, I had stayed back to take care of my brother but following his death, I now decided to continue with my education even though there was no known help from anyone with regards to sponsorship. On entering school, I was mandated, like others, to submit a medical report to ascertain my health status. I went to do the chest X-ray in a private hospital. When they saw it, they screamed because of the content. They referred me to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in order to have what they call a second opinion. There, they did a scan and confirmed that I had an abnormal heart size. According to them, they cannot believe why I had lived up till that time. They now discovered that my condition was so severe that I was also hypertensive. Because of this condition, the management of the school refused to grant me admission to study Physical and Health Education because of the rigorous nature of the course, rather I was offered Integrated Science Education. The doctors could not believe that I was not placed on drugs despite my heart condition. Later in 2013, my BP became so high and to compound the problem by 2014, I was involved in gas accident with severe burns as a result of which my systems shut down completely with a swollen stomach. The doctors concluded that I would not make it. I, however, continued going to hospitals and along the line, it was discovered that I had diabetes. That means I was contending with a weak heart condition, high BP and now diabetes all at the same time. Blood was oozing out of my mouth and nose. At that point, the doctors advised that if I don’t go for kidney transplant within three months, I might die; that was because I could not urinate by myself but had to rely on dialysis. I was so swollen and could no longer remember anything because I lost my memory.

A doctor in Faith Mediplex Hospital in Benin then confirmed to me after series of tests that my two kidneys had parked up. At that moment, I was just waiting to die. There was nowhere to turn to, no parents, uncle or an elder one to turn to. I went and made inquiries and was told that I needed N25m for kidney transplant but how on earth can I raise that amount? It got to a point that I had to relocate from Benin to my village in Imo state in order to look out for whatever was left of my father’s property to sell, but nothing was left, then I returned to Benin.

Her turning point

I was at the point of giving up when help came my way through what I call divine mercy. A woman whose husband was down with stroke for 14 years but was back on his feet traced me to Benin and looked for me until she found me. She gave me a product called Double Stem Cell supplement. Initially, I was hesitant to accept it because before then, I had taken several medications and supplements all to no avail. She however persisted, saying that they had spent over N50m in and out of the country in search of solution for her husband’s case fruitlessly until someone sent Double Stem Cell to her from Switzerland through which the 14-year old condition was cured. With that, I accepted to take it. That was the turning point of my life. Two weeks after taking this Phyto Science Double Stem Cell, the blood that was coming out of my mouth and nose suddenly ceased. I was advised to do a medical report which confirmed that my two kidneys are new like a baby’s. Not only that, my heart condition has gone back to the normal size. I can now breath well, I no longer sleep with four pillows unlike before and I no longer snore. These were the situation I lived with for over three years. As a matter of fact, everything has gone back to the normal way my system is supposed to be. Lest I forget, in the course of the dialysis, I had an internal injury that refused to heal but bleeding consistently. The Tripple Stem Cell was sprayed on it and within a week, it dried up.”

Continuing further, Miss Iwuoha who said she can be contacted on 08028779680 said, “I must state that this stem cell is like 99 percent of normal human cell that can take care of any defect in human body like sickle cell anemia, cancer, diabetes, infertility, zero sperm count and fibroid. I am sharing this so that people in need of help can know that the era of medical tourism is over. I don’t wish my worst enemy to pass through this condition at all,” she said.

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