How I made my money fast – HAFSAT BARAUNIYA

Hafsat Idris Barauniya, who joined Kannywood eight years ago, is acknowledged as one of the richest actresses in the industry. The Sokoto-born actress, whose marriage collapsed after four children, has featured in many movies and commercials. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA she speaks about her family, misconception about her wealth, career challenges and future plans.

Our last time interview with you was after your first film, Barauniya, and you have become a celebrity. What’s new?

Honestly, that interview coupled with the film, Barauniya, opened doors of opportunities for me. As we speak I cannot name all the films I have featured in because they are many and luckily for me most of them are successful. This is because I got the cooperation of my senior colleagues in the industry.

You were divorced before you joined Kannywood and you have four children. How has family life been and why are your children not acting?

Yes, I am from Sokoto state and I got married in Shagamu where my parents were living before my father died.

I have four children, three girls and one boy. My first daughter also got married and my mother is still alive. Actually, if you see my mother she still looks very young.

I am happy that I took the decision to join Kannywood because today my career is successful. I have done a series of commercials and more are still coming my way, but my popularity goes with a price.

You also asked why my children are not acting; well I am in the industry and I know why I did not allow them to act. But if they insist I will allow them. Their education is my priority and I want to give them both western and Islamic education.

Do your plan to remarry?

About marriage, well I married before, and by the grace of God I will marry again because am still young.

Remember even the recent wedding of Yusuf and Zahra Nasiru Ado Bayero, I was fully involved. I was one of Kannywood ladies invited to attend the wedding up to the Villa in Abuja and such opportunities gives one the chance to meet very important people. So the sky is not my limit but the beginning of my success.

How did you join Kannywood?

After my marriage broke up, I started going to Kano to buy goods to sell in Shagamu. One day, when I was in Kano, I visited the GSM Market on Zaria Road to buy a handset and I met some Kannywood members shooting a film.

I then approached one of them and told him I was interested to be an actress. We exchanged numbers and later he called me and gave me a script.

It took him six months to call me for the project. They featured me in the film, Barauniya, alongside Ali Nuhu and Hauwa Waraka, and other senior actor and actresses. That was how I got an opportunity to be given more films.

Information making the rounds is that you became rich over night. How did this happen?

I am not a product that I should be advertising myself. In every society you have bad eggs, but in my own case I was lucky. I got commercials from big companies and it fetched me lot of money. I am still doing more commercials, that is where I made my money.

I am also into blogging and social media activities apart from other businesses here and there.

So, what’s your parting word?

Well, to conclude the interview let me thank the media because they have never put me in trouble and I hope such will not happen in future.