How politicians wasted N6.5trn in Anambra within 22 years – ADC candidate

The governorship candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) for Anambra state November 6 poll, Dr Akachukwu Nwankpo, has accused the leadership of the state for the past 22 years of wasting over N6.5 trillion.

Nwankpo, an aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, in a viral video from his campaign office, attributed the ‘waste’ to ‘wickedness,’ not involving the masses in the leadership strata. He assured that his administration would address the issues if elected.

“Over N6.5 trillion has been spent and still we have hunger, poor security, bad roads, poor healthcare, poor educational system, no water, bad economy, massive unemployment and no facility for people living with disability.

“This wickedness must stop, the executive must respect the constitution, the legislature and judiciary must have financial independence and civil service should enjoy professional autonomy. Lack of involvement of the people in the management of public affairs of Anambra was responsible for widespread poverty and collapse of social infrastructure in spite of humongous revenue earnings of the state in the past 22 years of democracy, ” he stated.

He urged the electorate not to allow people who they could not control to hijack the resources to buy their votes and take over public places. He said if they do, they would impose heavy taxes on them as well as operate with total disregard to the welfare of the populace.