How safe is Abuja after the Nyanya bomb blast?

No one really knows. Our security has failed us. What we all should do now is to watch our every movement and also pray to God for protection. Nyanya’s bombing was so pathetic. Boko Haram’s killing of innocent souls is just out of the world. If they are against the government, they should go and face the big people not bombing motor parks where the big men don’t visit.
Ahmed Abdullahi

Nowhere in the country is safe. Abuja is not safe, so are other cities in the country and even the rural areas. With the spade of killings, it will be apt to say that there is a conspiracy of dismantling the country. So what our leaders should do now is to take action and put an end to the killings, not the verbal actions they have been taking.
Abdulmaleek Yahaya
NYSC member

Nyanya’s bombing was a despicable and inhuman act. Our hearts are sore with grief. We are all victims as each of us constitute a majority. May the souls of the people that died in it rest in peace and may God protect us that are still living. Talking about Abuja’s security, Abuja is not safe. Nowhere is safe from Boko Haram’s inhumanity; our security agencies are lass and even compromised. We as residents should just be in the watch and beseech God’s protection.
Muhammad D. Muhammad.

It was a pathetic incident. The same place was where I used to board buses and I was thinking it could have been me. It is unfair how Nigerians are killed like chickens. It’s quite unprecedented. What is happening? Nobody knows. Nowhere is safe. Abuja is not safe. There are armed soldiers around yet bombs are ferried and detonated at the places the perpetrators want easily.
Alfa Ramat
Fresh graduate

Abuja, where people from the besieged North-East are running to, was easily attacked. The incident belies some people’s belief that some parts of the country are safe. Nowhere is safe. Our leaders should go back to the drawing board and resolve the problem from its root.
Christy Kolo
Fashion designer

Everybody is now afraid of going out, but is there another option? No. As human beings, we must go out and hustle to make ends meet. They are almost through with the North-East and are now moving to the middle. If the problem isn’t tackled from the root quickly, it could spread to the whole country and we may one day all wake up to see that what is known as Nigeria is no more, God forbid.

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