How security officials refused to respond to thugs during election -YIAGA


YIAGA Africa Watching the Vote (WTV) said it recorded that the security officials failed to respond to the thugs during the election.

The Chairman, YIAGA Africa , Dr Hussaini Abdu in a press conference recently in Abuja highlighted the findings that threatened the conduct of a peaceful and credible election in Kogi state.

He said that majority of the incidents observed on the  election day was snatching or stuffing of ballot boxes, vote buying/bribery and accreditation of people without using card readers each recorded in over 10polling units. 

According to him, political parties failed to contest these elections according to the Democratic rules instead focused on buying votes. 

“Therefore, the WTV has concluded that with all their observations, INEC should cancel the election because the results are not credible which means it cannot be accepted,” he said. 

He lauded the collaboration of their development partners and their commitment to Nigerian initiatives to ensure credible elections.

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