How to celebrate your Valentine’s Day

Many things are now been said about Valentines’ Day and its celebration. Many eatries, super marts and various business owners who want to make brisk business from the occasion have now devised different business packages to attract customers to buy their various offers that include perfumes, body sprays, roses, chocolates and other various gift items.

It’s no news that various girls of school age have become victims of the blind celebration which some men have termed to be a perfect time to catch an unsuspecting girl who thinks the temporary gifts, date and affection exhibited by men on this date is nothing but true love. What kind of love exists only for a day? Many of these girls only live to regret the pleasure of their one day affair culminating into pregnancy sometimes. Some have had to be expelled from school as an aftermath of their one night out with men. All in the name of Valentine’s Day celebration! There is a joke now on the social media that come tomorrow, 14 February, the man will chase the girl with his questionable love and nine months after (14 November) the lady will be doing the chase with her protruding belle, calling the man to take responsibility of the result of their last mating.

Many times, the man in question will deny been responsible for the pregnancy. What a pitiable situation.
Valentine’s Day to many, apart from the exchange of gifts which mostly are not given in sincerity, is a time of kisses, hugs, heartbreak and sex!
On this edition, Familyline went to town to find out about how Valentine’s Day celebration will be marked by our respondents.
One of our respondents, Mr. Evans Nnamani, believes, Valentine’s Day celebration should not be a day affair but must be celebrated every day.
“Valentine is everyday in one’s life. I am married; I have children, so I celebrate with my family every day”

“Well people say 14th but I celebrate everyday because I show love to my people everyday” Mr. Evans Nnamani, said.
He said also that the celebration which is prevalent among the high school boys and girls is because, “the school kids don’t know the meaning of Valentine; they only think that it is the issue of relationship with the opposite sex and that is why it is so noticed within that age grade”
He said, love is not about canal knowledge or relationship with the opposite sex.
“I train them (my children) in Christian way, so they know what love is all about, not about having canal knowledge of each other- that is not love” Nnamani said.

“I am a Christian I don’t believe in it because it is not scriptural” Another respondent, Mr. Justice Zighadina, said.
Yakubu Daniel, said, he celebrated Valentine’s Day when he was not a believer and doesn’t care about it anymore because of the many things- clubbing, love making and drinking that goes with the celebration.

“I used to celebrate Valentine’s Day but now am a Christian, I don’t believe in such kind of things. You see Valentine’s Day, they do all sort of things like making love, drinking and clubbing, so I don’t go there. I don’t know or do anything about Valentine. Anyone that choose to do Valentine should continue; but to me I am not interested in it”

And for his children, he said, they won’t dare if he still lives.
“I was brought up from a Christian family and I was not taught Valentine and I cannot even tell my Children to do it, if they do it maybe I am not alive.”
To Augustine Chuckwu, he just flows with the tide.

“I just celebrate because people are celebrating it. I could go to a bar, a garden and we retire home at night”
A married woman, Naomi Paul, said Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with her husband with an exchange of gifts.
“I do celebrate because I stay with my husband here in Abuja; even if we don’t go out we celebrate the Valentine at home- maybe by exchange of gift like a good perfume”

“I do go out with my babe and from there we come down to my house,” John Acku, simply said.
Whatever mode your Valentine’s Day celebration will take, please let moderacy be your watch word. Be kind to all, remember we all need love and this must be celebrated with sincerity of purpose. Give love today and the world will be a beautiful place. Enjoy your day!

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