How to curtail drug abuse

I would like to give my piece of admonition on the menace of drug abuse that agitates almost all parts of this country (Nigeria). You would find a syndicate group of drug abusers which if you observe/examine their negative activities, you would find out that majority of them are the victims of joblessness.

Sadly, it has been reported that 70 per cent of this jobless youths are the youths, which as a result of their joblessness, you would find them in many crimes ranging from stealing, killing, kidnapping, and many other criminal activities that would jeopardize the peaceful condition of their living.

However, the most annoying part of the situation is that this younger generation doesn’t yet agree with medical reports on the negative impact of sedative substances. And that, in most cases these jobless youths who have out of depression become druggists by performing illegal acts under the influence of sedition. Those involved deceive themselves that ongoing high, the personal problem would subside. This is typically a wrong notion.

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow as we are always yearning on. So if the government fails to eradicate/reduce this menace, how can we (youths) become the leaders of tomorrow?

Because of the aforementioned justifications, I would like to advise the federal and states governments, to revive the dysfunctional and inactive manufacturing industries which have been closed down due to, in so many cases, constant electric power shortage. This is because operating in manufacturing industries by using power generators that run on diesel would never be profitable to the righteous owners of the companies.

Judging by the fact that, in those developed countries war industrialization is fully restored, their youths do not complain or rely on government sectors to employs them, the establishment of private industries in many countries of the globe paves ways for massive recruitment of youths for the effective running of the company.

By so doing, the menace of joblessness would be reduced to the barest minimum. This is because when employed, these youths would be fully engaged in their various undertakings. As a result of this, they wouldn’t have time to use illegal drugs, as they will always be busy.

Shetu James,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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