How to defeat Boko Haram

When Boko Haram commanders warned over their ambition to end western and in Borno state, the federal, state governments, traditional rulers and the people didn’t take action to stop it.

Boko Haram terrorist started by burning stations, breaking prisons and killing our security agents in Borno state and neighbouring state in Northeast Nigeria. Similarly, when Boko Haram attacked the military people couldn’t inform military, because if you notify about preparation over the attacks, Boko Haram terrorists will come and kill you. But through campaigns in the and collaboration with security agencies people began to understand that alone ’t defeat Boko Haram without the collaborative efforts of everyone.

In 2013, Borno state got super hero Baa Lawan, the first person who decided to join hands with and used staff to identify and arrest Boko Haram members. This impressive feat surprised many people, because what appeared impossible had become possible. How could anyone use sticks to arrest someone who possessed a gun? Displacing and defeating terrorists in their fortress is not easy but collaboration with is great way to end any such , and kidnapping.

of Maiduguri was a great because it graduated many famous people in Nigeria. A lot of students from various states want to study at Unimaid. Unfortunately, Boko Haram insurgency stopped them from being Unimaid products.

Meanwhile, we need to bring back our civilian JTF as we knew before. Everyone in Borno state male and female, young and old must be a civilian JTF. Borno has witnessed negative effect of supporting bad people among good ones. There are a lot of victims who are ready to sacrifice their lives and prosperities in order to end Boko Haram.

With the effort of our amiable to eliminate from our dear country, we civilians we knew alone cannot accomplish insecurities to our country without more support from us. Let’s join our hands to end Boko Haram terrorist; itself, stakeholders, traditional rulers as well as people.

I could only appeal to our government, stakeholders and traditional rulers to support civilian JTF in Borno state in order to defeat Boko Haram and their sponsors in side Maiduguri, Borno state.

Adamu Ali Usman

Department of Mass Communication,

of Maiduguri

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