How to end open defecation

Open defecation is the human act of excreting in the open as opposed to a latrine. Individuals may pick fields, hedges, woodlands, trench, roads, waterways or other open space for defecation. They do so either on the grounds that they don’t have a latrine or because of customary practices. The training is normal where sterilization framework and administrations are not accessible. Regardless of whether latrines are accessible, conduct change endeavours may be expected to advance the utilization of latrines. ‘Open Defecation Free’ (ODF) is a term used to depict networks that have moved to utilizing latrines rather than open defecation. This can occur, for instance, after local area driven complete disinfection programs have been executed.

Open defecation can destroy the climate and mess up wellbeing. Undeniable degrees of open defecation are connected to high child mortality, poor nourishment, destitution, and huge incongruities among rich and poor. Finishing open defecation is a marker being utilized to quantify progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal Number 6. Outrageous neediness and absence of sterilization are genuinely connected. Accordingly, wiping out open defecation is believed to be a significant piece of the work to wipe out neediness.

Nigeria is among the countries with the most noteworthy number of individuals rehearsing open crap, assessed at more than 46 million individuals. The training has negatively affected the people, particularly kids, in the regions of wellbeing and instruction and had added to the country’s inability to meet the MDGs target. The disinfection circumstance in the nation incited the National Committee on Water Resources in 2014 to focus on the advancement of a guide towards taking out open crap in the nation, in accordance with the United Nations worldwide mission for finishing open dedication.

Communities in Nigeria lack toilets, government and other organizations should provide toilets in commercial and public places like markets, schools car parks and other places that is crowded.

If each of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas can be provided with 100 toilets the rate of open defecation will reduce. The toilet should be shared among the most populated communities within the local government areas like markets, parks, schools, etc. These measures can help in eradicating open defecation in Nigeria.

Business men can invest into toilets and make some profit from it. Government should educate the people on the dangers of open defecation and the importance of toilets. With these measures, Nigeria can end open defecation without much ado.

Abdussalam Hammaadama,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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