How to prevent breast cancer – Expert

breast cancer survivor - How to prevent breast cancer – Expert
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Women have been advised to be doing self examination of their breasts at least every month after menstruation as a way of preventing cancer. A gynecologist at the Bauchi state Specialists’ Hospital, Dr Habiba Ismail, who is also the chairman, Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC) of the hospital, gave the advice at the weekend at a lecture at the fl ag-off of breasts and cervical cancer screening for 100 women sponsored by the state chapter of the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN).

She said regular breast examination could help women prevent cancer “because they will be able to identify changes on their breasts and get treated in time before the problem escalates.” According to her, some of the signs of breast cancer include bloody milk, rashes, lump on breast, roughness, darkening of breast and lump under armpit.

Th e expert urged women to rush to hospital immediately for screening and treatment whenever they notice such changes, pointing out that cancer could lead to amputation of breasts as well as aff ect their livers, intestines and brains if it is not cured.

“All women including those who menstruate and those who reached their menopause should examine their breasts regularly. Th ey can do that by taking off their clothes in front of mirrors so that they check if there are changes on their breasts such as roughness, rashes or swelling.

” Earlier, the state Ameerah (chairperson) of FOMWAN, Hajiya Yagana Muhammed Gidado, lamented that many women develop breast and cervical cancers without knowledge which informed the organisation’s idea to sponsor the screening. She added that they had spoken with the wife of the Governor, Hajiya Hadiza Mohammed Abubakar, who promised to support women diagnosed of cancer during the exercise.

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