How to survive more solo runs in the cycle: Frontier

The cycle: Frontiers has become popular as the most popular game of the new age. One thing that makes the game stand out from all the existing games is, that the approach to playing solo run is different from multiplayer games. In the era of multiplayer games like COD and PUBG, Solo run is really different and hence, players have to be more careful while playing the game to survive for long. Today, you are going to learn some of the best Cycle frontier hacks which will help you to do the best in the game.

Survival is more important than killing

There are a lot of people who have immense blood thirst and to satisfy themselves, they keep killing in the game. One must always keep in mind that this is not a game that you play with a team and you have many team members to defend you while you are killing, moreover, the rewards that you achieve by killing are not even worth sacrificing your life. Hence, it is always recommended to first save your life and play a safe game. Survival is much more important than any killing for sure to sustain in the game.

Be alert to sounds

As the game isn’t multiplayer, you do not have your team members to keep an eye on the 360° area. It is quite necessary for you to stay alert as your enemies can attack from any angle. The only thing that works in your favor here is to listen to every sound very carefully. You can use high-quality headphones for the same. Remember, any sound that you feel isn’t coming from your character could be coming from the enemy. The sound of the enemy approaching you, or the sound of a gun is the warning for you to be alert and swing immediately in the direction to defend yourself.

Understand the sound of weapons

This hack is kind of similar to the previous one as it has to do with listening. You need to focus on your ears and hear the sound of different weapons. As you cannot see the enemy coming, you need to hear the sound and make a decision, whether to face the enemy or run. If you hear the sound of long torrents of firing, you can figure out it’s a machine gun, and if you have a pistol, then it is definitely recommended to avoid facing the enemy, as you will end up losing. This is a good way to take your decisions while playing.

Know how to read the map

Now, this is one important hack while you are playing the game. It is very important to understand the mad well; otherwise, you will be lost. Finding the hotspots is not an easy task and so is reading the map. The one who understands the map well and knows the meaning of every color on the map has the chance of surviving in the game for longer as they will be able to make more loots and be at the right places at the right time. Reading the map well also helps you to take the right direction and you can make your decisions quickly.

Never be static in the game

One must understand that being static in the game is the worst decision one can make. A player should keep moving throughout the game, otherwise, you will become a soft target for the enemies. To survive for longer in the game, always ensure that you never stay in one place for a long time and moreover, use some clever tactics to distract your enemies. As your enemies also have their headphones on, one should always throw the explosive in the opposite direction of your actual position to confuse your enemy. This will always help you to get an easy escape. This hack will definitely work for you in difficult situations.

All the above hacks are really useful and practical. Using the above tips, even a beginner can last in the game for a long time. One has to keep these small tricks in mind and always be alert, as it is a solo player game and one mistake can throw you out of the game. Being careful in this game can definitely make you survive and you might win as well.

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