I did nothing special to earn me first class at law school – Odia

Ofure Odia, a graduate of Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma, in Edo State, who made Upper Credit (2.1) aggregate, was one of the 2021 batch at the recent Call to Bar ceremony for law school graduates held in Abuja. In this interview with KEHINDE OSASONA, the 22-year-old lady, divulged to BLUEPRINT how she attained the feat. Excerpts;

Congratulations on the attainment of this rare feat, tell us, how did you do it?

My name is Ofure Favour Odia, I attended Word of Faith Secondary School, Abuja, and I proceeded to the Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, Edo State where I graduated from the faculty of law. I thank God and to him be all glory and honour.

Let me start by saying that my dedication to reading my books, notes and class attendance earned me the top spot in my examination in the law school examination. More importantly, fervent prayers for success in my chosen career was also a big factor.

So, no special approach to reading that you may like to share with our readers and intending lawyers alike?

Well, all I did was to keep my eyes on the ball, telling myself I came to school for a reason; and I did not deviate from that all through as I read my books as any other student.

How was social life like?

Truth is; I have an average social life while in the university; as I didn’t shut out myself from other activities. I did read my books a lot like I said but I always created time for my books especially during tests and examinations. I also attended classes all the time. But I didn’t cut off people or secluded myself from anybody because of reading.

Also, I was fond of reading according to the course outline. I never went out my way to read outside the outline. Apart from what an average or intelligent student would do to pass exams, I never did anything special.

I never really attended parties like that but also never allowed my social life to suffer like I told you earlier. I did attend many occasions on campus. I didn’t want to go through school without experiencing other things, I made time for extra curriculum activities as well, although I never did any wild thing. I know I came to school for a reason.

Did you have any relationship, to what extent did he encourage, distract or help in achieving your feat?

I had a boyfriend, although late now, but you won’t believe that he was actually the impetus who propelled me to the present feat in my academics.

My boyfriend encouraged me a lot. He never distraughted me. He was a bookworm himself. He was ambitious, brilliant and intelligent. Been with him actually made me better academically and spiritually because he was a church boy.

He so encouraged me through out and I will forever be grateful to him. I wish he was here to tell him how grateful I am. Unfortunately, he died in an accident.

What were those extra activities you did in school?

Back then, I held the positions of editor, financial secretary and deputy director at different levels, from 200 to 400 levels at the Network of University Legal Aid, which is a humanitarian project, established by Prof. Ernest Ojukwu to reach out to people within the university community, informing them of their rights. It was more like a practical aspect of law practice. The positions I held exposed me to time management and leadership skills, I never thought I had,

Do you have a mentor?

I don’t really have a mentor per say, I always pray to God to guide my steps and always ask advice from my seniors when need be.

What is your next goal?

Thank you. My next goal is to be employed at a top tier law firm and go into full time practice.

Any parting words for would- be lawyers?

Well, my advise to undergraduates that want to make first class is to always have at the back of their minds why they are in the school.

I mean they should just be their self, put in efforts, time, work hard and know why they are are in school. They should also pray to God for grace and favour, because there are things you can’t get yourself no matter how hard you try.

Congratulations once again

Thank you and welcome.