I gate-crashed into acting and I’m not regretting – Aisha Tsamiya

 Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is one of many Kannywood actresses that got their nicknames from a movie they feature prominently. Surprisingly, she got her nick from her first movie, ‘Tsamiya’ which was produced by Habibu Yaro in 2011. Actually, her elder sister was the one penciled down to feature in the film that made her popular. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA in Kano, the 25-year-old actress says even though she gate-crashed into acting profession, she never regrets doing so.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you found your way into Kannywood.
My name is Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya and I was born in Kano in 1992. I attended both my primary and secondary schools, including a diploma in Computer, in Kano.
How I joined Kannywood, I remember it is through AGM Bashir who was a friend to my elder sister then. The story surrounding it actually was when they were shooting a film at Daula Hotel and the name of the film was ‘Tsamiya’, then my elder sister, who was billed to feature in the film, did not make it. So the producer, Habibu Yaro asked me to step in for my sister and play the lead role. To cut the long story short, that was how I started acting and the name of the film, ‘Tsamiya’ has ever since become part of my name.

Tell us a bit about pictures of male twins you posted on your Instagram. Though you used to complain that people often hack your instagram and facebook accounts, this one is your authentic accounts. People would want to know if these kids were yours.
Well, that is why some of us always shun press interviews. Somebody even accused me that in 2015, I insulted former president Goodluck Jonathan on my instagram. Now I have changed it to ‘Real Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya’ whatever you see on the new facebook or instagram is from me. So I will not talk about twins or not twins.

Tell us about your most popular films?
‘Tsamiya’, from where I got my Nickname. ‘Gudan Jini’, ‘Zarge’. ‘So’, ‘Haihuwa’, and several others, but I like ‘Dankin Amarya’ and ‘Haihuwa’ the most because, the 2 films made me popular though I suffered on them, I even sustained injuries and had to be hospitalized. But all in all, I was extremely happy to feature alongside accepted and popular actors and actresses like Ali Nuhu, Halima Atete, Tanimu Akawo, Al-ameen Buhari and the rest. Let me tell you, since then I see myself transformed into the class of A-grade actors and actresses.

Is it true that you are getting married very soon?
Well, I don’t know but my prayer is to settle down very soon. I am into a serious relationship but no date has been fixed yet.

What do you hate in life?
Gossip, and people who make other people’s business to be their own, that is another word for Gossip. My saddest moment was when my grandmother died, while my mother is what I like most in my life. I also like eating rice and beans and pepper. While about weather, I like cold weather, about car, I like Vibe Matrix and that is all about me.

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