I have s3x with 35 men daily at N1000 – Teenage girl 

One of the rescued underage girls simply identified as Harmony, a 16-year- old girl, has recounted her experience after a woman busted a prostitution ring and rescued seven girls in Lagos.

Harmony said she was trafficked once to Anambra state by two men and was forced by her madam to have s3x with 35 men per day at N1000 per client.

She added that her [email protected] moved her from Akwa-Ibom to Anambra state saying  that she would be going there to work as a waitress in a bar. 

She was also promised N20, 000 as her salary.

Harmony, the first child in a family of five children, with a crippled father and mother, selling bean cake by the road, felt it was a good deal.

But when she got to the supposed beer parlour, she was shocked at what she saw.

She said: “I saw nine- year- old girl, 10- year- old girls and 15 year- old- girls being forced by their madams to hustle. I asked a woman there what the girls were doing. She said prostitution. My madam said I should work for her, I said no. She starved me of food until I had to start doing the work. The suffering there was too much. I was punished several times by kneeling on shells and broken bottles. Clients pay N1000 and they are usually in a queue. In a day, I make between N30, 000 and N40,000. That means between 30 and 40 men in a day. My madam collects all the money. There was a time when a client gave me N5000, but he did not touch me, he only asked me to leave that hotel. My madam saw the money and collected it from me.”

One of the suspects, identified as Ejike, had forcibly had s3xual intercourse with two of the girls several times before his arrest. The two girls are ages 14 and 16.

It was also learned that before the rescue of the girls, a first batch of girls and three boys had been moved from the hotels to Ghana via road.

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